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Legal Links: Legal, Sports and Weird News

A high school football coach is attacked, bitten in the face by a former player…. Who he coached over 20 year ago (AP)
A federal judge has ruled that New York police violated the Constitution when they targeted “the right people” with stop-and-frisk tactics (ABA Journal)
Angel’s All-Star Mike Trout says all PED users should get a lifetime ban from the game (ESPN)

Big Brother Watch: Recycling bins in England are tracking smart phones (BBC)

60-foot sinkhole near Disney World sucks in building at nearby resort (CNN)
Parents name their baby “Messiah,” Judge orders them to change it to “Martin” (WBIR)
Man arrested for waving confederate flag, yelling racial slurs…. Again (My9NJ)
Man with Asperger’s Syndrome arrested for 29th time nabbing trains and busses (AP)


Legal Links 3/16

Don’t miss our previous post: St. Patrick’s Day DUI Traps in Savannah (Courts And Sports)

Paperwork not filed by deadline, Broncos forced to release star DE Dumervil (Yahoo!)

9-year-old charged in McDonald’s armed robbery, car jacking in Chicago (Chicago Tribune)

Man accused of scamming law firms out of $70 million pleads (ABA Journal)

Two men take taxi to rob bank, exactly one year apart from each other- In Utah on 3/9/13  and in Jacksonville, Fl on  3/9/12

Does this look like the face of a man who would take a taxi to rob a bank?

I though so too…




Legal Links 2/28

A zip line rider has filed a negligence lawsuit against Zoom Air Daytona Beach (Daytona News-Journal)

5 takeaways from SCOTUS Voting Rights discussion, Justice Scalia is fired up (Politico)

Lying in an online dating site profile could come back to bite you, in a divorce (ABA Journal)

Four ‘Bama football players dismissed from team after being arrested for two robberies (Yahoo!)

Man accused of killing and dismembering mother appears in court wearing trash bag (AP)

If you have read the news recently, you might be wondering, what is sequestration? (Politico)

Not all lawyers are bad: 3L who wants to save the world, help children, given $20k towards student loans by Ellen. (ABA Journal)