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Legal Links: Legal, Sports and Weird News

SCOTUS strikes down federal law that banned federal benefits to gay married couples. (ABA)

NFL TE Aaron Hernandez arrested in connection with murder investigation. (ESPN)

Are you a lawyer or law student? Check out these legal apps! (The Droid Lawyer)

NY Yankees GM Brian Cashman says, “Alex (Rodriguez) should just shut the f— up.” (ESPN)

Baltimore Ravens running back was car-jacked at gun point in Philadelphia. (CBS Philly)

Cleveland Browns LB charged with attempted murder after punching a man outside of a strip club (CBS Cleveland)

Social media sparks 200 teen brawl in a south Florida mall (CBS Miami)

Guard has her ear bitten off by inmate, other inmates come to guards rescue (News Channel 10)


The Verdict is in: Running Backs Can No Longer Lower Their Helmets in the NFL

Every sporting event is a game of laws. With referees and umpires acting as Judges, just like a court case, each game is based on rules. We frequently watch our favorite teams pass or fail based on the final judgment made by the referees. The referees, like judges, use the relevant facts and apply the elements of each rule to make game changing decisions. We cheer, we boo and we hiss based on these decisions. At times, the referees must convene when applying a rule when a specific situation becomes tricky.

helmetBut the game of rules does not stop on the field. Off the field is where the rules are created. The rules, like laws, are always evolving and changing.  Public policy and productive rhetoric push lawmakers towards new rules and regulations. For example, some sports allow the introduction of video evidence (instant replay) to help influence a referee’s final judgment, a new addition to an ever advancing world.

Today was a big day for the NFL. With concussions and player safety at the forefront of NFL policy debates, a controversial rule was put into actionNFL running backs are no longer allowed to lower thier helmets. The punishment: a 15-yard penalty. This fundamental part of the game, an almost natural right given to each player, has been banned.

helmet 2The NFL didnt just arbitrarily put this rule into place. The decision was left to a vote by each of the 32 NFL teams. The vote came back 31-1, with only the Cincinnati Bengals voting against the helmet lowering rule. A lot of fans are upset, or at least unsure about the rule. Former Cowboy Emmit Smith is outraged.

Personally, I am bafffled. As one NFL Hall of Famer put it, “Lowering your helmet is a natural reaction, this rule will never work. It is too hard to call. If someone is running at you, you lower your head. It is like when someone tries to slap you in the face, you put your hand up to guard yourself without thinking. It is a reaction. You have to protect your  self and your neck.”

With a huge lawsuit pending related to player safety, the NFL is trying to do everything they can to make a violent game safe. But is banning a player from lowering their helmet the answer? Will it make the game any safer? Will middle-school coaches now be teaching their players to run with their heads straight up – exposing their necks, rib cage and organs?



Legal Links 3/11

Georgia sports agent provided ex-UNC athletes with cash, could face prison, fines. (ESPN)

Attorney arrested for hit and run, his online mugshot ends up next to his law firms advertisement (ABA Journal)

NFL, Goddell dontate $30 million to concussion research (ESPN)

“Dark Knight” shooter trial update: Judge approves subjecting shooter James Holmes to “truth Serum” (Sky News)

For my fellow Floridians: Giant mosquitoes to invade Florida (USA Today)

Couple visits all 254 Texas courthouses on a 14,500 mile journey (ABA Journal)

Contracts 101: Judge rules prenuptial agreement void, “fraudulently induced” (ABA Journal)



Legal Links 3/6

Its been awhile, and for that, we are sorry… Lets get caught up:

Tom Arnold thinks Tebow should be a fullback, Skip Bayless gets really Skip Bayless-ee about it (ESPN)

Fight breaks out on court between St. John’s and Notre Dame, story and video. (Huffington Post)

Homosexuality in the locker room: NFL teams ask players about their sexuality at the combine, Justin Verlander would welcome a gay teammate, Law professor says, pro athletes need to “get over it

The number of law school applicants has plunged, what do the numbers say about the state of the profession? (ABA Journal)

TSA to allow passengers to carry small knives on airplanes (ABA Journal)

Ky Sen. Rand Paul stage filibuster over domestic drone strikes, “I will speak until I can no longer speak” (Weekly Standard)

Judge resigns after getting caught sending sexual IMs during court (BetaBeat)

Man faces up to 30 days in jail for laughing too hard (NY Post)

Arkansas adopts the most restrictive abortion law in US (AP)


Legal Links 3/1, First Ever Weekly Round Up

Happy March. That means March Madness, Shamrock Shakes, green beer, and people who really don’t want to be kissed but wear pins and other accessories that say otherwise. You survived February, the most miserable month of the year. It’s also frozen food month, foot health month and nutrition month – thats neat. Here’s your weekly wrap up:

 LeBron danced shirtless in a king outfit, and he announced that he will continue his pre-game dunk routine. There’s a golf tournament happening. Duke lost to Virginia, Virginia fans stormed the court, and Coach K cried about it. NFL teams want to know if Te’o is gay. Some other stuff happened in the NFL. Kobe thinks he’s 25 again. Steve Nash is still 40. Chicago’s hockey team has won a lot of games in-a-row.  Democrats and Republicans can’t get along up on the hill. They should give up sequesterin’ and start being equestrians. Speaking of, food testers are finding horse meat in all kinds of foods these days. People were shocked when horse meat was found in Taco Bell – SHOCKER!


Legal Links 2/21

‘Blad Runner’ trial update: lead detective dropped, faces 7 charges of attempted murder (

NFL combine watch (ESPN)

Attorney held in contempt, fined $1,000 for being ‘disrespectful’ said, bond amount was ‘ridiculous’ (ABA Journal)

‘TWITTER FIGHT!” The NFL’s Richard Sherman and Darrelle Revis exchange tweet-jabs  (ESPN)

Parents file suit, claim grade school yoga classes are inherently religious (ABA Journal)

I Can’t find my ball!” Match play in AZ postponed after snow storm on golf course (Reuters)

Rotting corpse found in hotel’s water supply, guests used, drank water for up to two weeks (CNN)

Carnival Cruise victims, file class action lawsuit (Breitbart) John Phillips weighs in (C&S)