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Legal Links: Legal, Sports and Weird News

Detroit WR Burleson broke his arm in two places after trying to save his pizza while driving. Burelson could be out for season, the pizza was fine (ESPN)

NBA considers putting players nicknames on the back of their Jerseys. Metta World Peace and Ochocinco were way ahead (Breitbart)

The stripper, in the party bus, with the champagne bottle: Ravens’ WR Julio Jones left bloodied by a stripper, with a champagne bottle, on a party bus (NY Daily News)

Best division in MLB? Reds, Pirates and Cardinals clinch postseason birth. NL Central has three of four teams playing in October (

University of Florida professor fired after being caught trying to secretly film female students (Daily Mail)

Shooter in law firm parking lot indicted, 14 charges (ABA Journal)

Lawyer admits to napping during DUI trial, but says his performance at trial was still an “8 or 9” out of 10 (ABA Journal)

Expert: Law student can pay of school debt…If he works on the side…Teaches…and lives with hi parents………………By 2020. (ABA)

Texting and driving is dangerous enough – couple caught having sex while driving on Chicago highway (CBS Chicago)


Legal Links: Legal, Sports and Weird News

The Scarlett Letter 2013- Florida man is falsely labeled a sexual predator. (Courts and Sports)

2011 murder of civil rights attorney remains unsolved (ABA Journal) For more, see our previous article, “In The Line of Fire: How Dangerous is the Legal Profession?” (Courts and Sports)


After the Miami Heat wont the title, many of the Heat players went to Miami clubs and partied with rappers. Shane Battier went to Denny’s and ate a Grand Slam. (CBS)

Jacksonville, Fl Dad rents out movie theater so his son and his friends can play videos on a huge screen. (Gawker)

Best sports GIF of the year: Chris Bosh being extra Boshie vs. finals confetti.  (Mashable)

Here is a recap of the SCOTUS ‘s three biggest decisions in the last session. (AP)

New pill/microchip remembers all of your passwords- it can be swallowed, and then it transmits information from inside your body (Daily Mail)

Man waiting in line for the new LeBron’s (shoes) shoots man who tried to rob everybody in line, police do not press charges. (Sporting News)

Videos of LeBron and D. Wade partying in celebration of championship is annoying. So is Drake. (TMZ)

–Bonus Video–


Girlfriend Who Was Denied Ice Cream by Her Boyfriend at Pacers Game Finds Justice

In a video that went viral last week, a bearded man is caught refusing to share his ice cream cone with his girlfriend:

However, the ice cream grinch’s girlfriend will get the last laugh. Blue Bell Ice Cream has awarded the dairy denied girlfriend with a free one year supply of ice cream. I wonder if she will share any of her pity ice cream with her boyfriend (or I am sure by this point ex-boyfriend) ?


Marc Gasol Commited a Foul with Shoe- That Stinks, but was it a Battery?

I have heard of a shoe being foul, but never a foul with a shoe…

In the Grizzlies-Jazz Game, Marc Gasol lost his shoe running up the court. Team Member Ed Davis returned it, but there was no time to put it on. Gasol then hit Derrick Favors it, attempting to slap the ball away.

No assault charges were filed, but this one was close to being a crime believe it or not. One expects and even assumes physical contact in sports, but not to be hit with a shoe.  I doubt the State’s Attorney would prosecute, but this not only could have been a tort and led to civil exposure of Favors was injured, but battery.

Battery occurs when a person intentionally touches or applies force to the body of another person.  The touching or force must be harmful or offensive, and must occur without the person’s consent.  Both civil and criminal laws prescribe legal penalties for battery.  It was the manner of the touching, using a shoe, that could be classified as unwanted, offensive and excessively harmful.  If Gasol was deemed to have used excessive force to harm Favors, Gasol may be found liable for battery, especially -here- where the contact was outside the rules of the game.

Luckily, it was just a foul.  Gasol’s team went on to lose.  Game over.


Legal Links 3/1, First Ever Weekly Round Up

Happy March. That means March Madness, Shamrock Shakes, green beer, and people who really don’t want to be kissed but wear pins and other accessories that say otherwise. You survived February, the most miserable month of the year. It’s also frozen food month, foot health month and nutrition month – thats neat. Here’s your weekly wrap up:

 LeBron danced shirtless in a king outfit, and he announced that he will continue his pre-game dunk routine. There’s a golf tournament happening. Duke lost to Virginia, Virginia fans stormed the court, and Coach K cried about it. NFL teams want to know if Te’o is gay. Some other stuff happened in the NFL. Kobe thinks he’s 25 again. Steve Nash is still 40. Chicago’s hockey team has won a lot of games in-a-row.  Democrats and Republicans can’t get along up on the hill. They should give up sequesterin’ and start being equestrians. Speaking of, food testers are finding horse meat in all kinds of foods these days. People were shocked when horse meat was found in Taco Bell – SHOCKER!


Legal Links 2/25

Talk of NBA’s amnesty clause sparks feud: Kobe v. Mark Cuban (NBC Sports)

While visiting a client, lawyer accidentally gets locked in cell, police call the accident an “unfortunate incident” (ABA Journal)

Desmond Bryant arrested for criminal mischief, his mugshot is a must-see (USA Today)

Drug dealer tells jury he and lawyer worked on witness hit list, among other crimes (The Record)

What is it going to take? Increased penalties for dopers in MLB could be coming (Yahoo!)

Tom Brady signed to 3-year extension with Patriots (ESPN) Takes big pay cut (USA Today)

Just FYI, since you loaded this page, Yankee’s Alex Rodriguez has made ~100$,  almost $1.00 every second. 


Mr. And Mrs. Kobe Call Off Divorce


Apparently, Kobe Bryant and his wife were contemplating divorce, but have since called it off and mended their marriage. The Bryants took to their favorite social media platforms to announce that the they are back together in marital bliss. Kobe made the announcement on facebook while his wife, Vanessa, made her announcement on Instagram.

Kobe’s facebook post informed followers, “I am happy to say that Vanessa and I are moving on with our lives together as a family. When the show ends and the music stops, the journey is made beautiful by having that someone to share it with. Thank you all for your support and prayers! Much luv, Mamba out.”

Kobe also, as of today, decided to jump on the Twitter wagon. Which means you can look forward to tweets ending with third-person call tags. “Mamba out.”

It’s interesting that Kobe has facebook followers “praying” for his marriage. But then again, there’s this guy:


This may not only be good news for Kobe’s most dedicated supporters, but to Lakers fans in general. Kobe and friends have struggled, and fans can only hope that Kobe’s prior pending divorce woes are partially to blame. The Lakers, who this offseason put together an all-star cast by supplementing Kobe and company with Dwight Howard and Steve Nash, are off to a less than stellar start. The Lake Show, 15-20, have been given a .1 percent chance of winning the championship this year by…

…Intern Sam out

Heres the full story at