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Legal Links: Legal, Sports and Weird News

Homeless woman arrested for 396th time, claims she can change (Huffington Post)

Bengals Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones arrested for assault, he claims he was “protecting himself” after a woman threw a beer bottle at him and he slapped her (ESPN)

Recent Law Grad? Stay away from Mississippi, move to Wyoming: See the most over-saturated job markets for attorney’s, state-by-state (ABA Journal)

Judge who said he has never met a homosexual actually hired several gay law clerks (ABA Journal)

Fourth Amendment Update: New Mexico now allows search warrants to be obtained via phone call (New Mexican)

Man charged with DUI despite blowing a .000 during breathalyzer test (CBS Cleveland)

German Bank employee falls asleep on keyboard, transfers $293 million  (France 24)


Legal Links: Memorial Day Weekend Edition

Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, began shortly after the end of the Civil War. The day was set aside to honor and decorate fallen soldiers’ graves. After World War I and II, Memorial Day became a day to recognize and remember all of America’s fallen soldiers and the sacrifices they have made for their country. In 1987 the government officially recognized the third monday in May as Memorial Day.

So this Memorial Day, thank a military member for their service. In the meantime, here is the one of the first Images that came up when I Googled “America”:

…Boom. America.

Legal Links 5/24:

13 TGI Fridays, among other bar and restaurants, busted for selling fake booze and rubbing alcohol  with food coloring as top shelf liquor (Daily Mail)

Ex-Judge accused of stealing cocaine from evidence (CBS) In a completely separate incident, one judge has been taken into police custody after his fellow judge was found dead on his property from a cocaine overdose (ABA Journal)

NASA is planning a mission to lasso an asteroid (CBS)

Mom gets one month in prison for mooning a school bus (Virginia-Pilot)

The DA in New York is reviewing 50 homicide cases that were handled by a crooked “dirty” police officer (ABA Journal)

Bubble Burst? A-Rod sells his house that he bought/built for $15 million for $30 million (ESPN)

A list of all of the NFL 2013 Draft picks and who they signed as their agents (SAB)


Legal Links 3/6

Its been awhile, and for that, we are sorry… Lets get caught up:

Tom Arnold thinks Tebow should be a fullback, Skip Bayless gets really Skip Bayless-ee about it (ESPN)

Fight breaks out on court between St. John’s and Notre Dame, story and video. (Huffington Post)

Homosexuality in the locker room: NFL teams ask players about their sexuality at the combine, Justin Verlander would welcome a gay teammate, Law professor says, pro athletes need to “get over it

The number of law school applicants has plunged, what do the numbers say about the state of the profession? (ABA Journal)

TSA to allow passengers to carry small knives on airplanes (ABA Journal)

Ky Sen. Rand Paul stage filibuster over domestic drone strikes, “I will speak until I can no longer speak” (Weekly Standard)

Judge resigns after getting caught sending sexual IMs during court (BetaBeat)

Man faces up to 30 days in jail for laughing too hard (NY Post)

Arkansas adopts the most restrictive abortion law in US (AP)


Legal Links 2/26

Italian jean designer that owns trademark on the name “Jesus” is cracking down on US clothing lines who have used “Jesus” (Fox)

Three fans injured at the NASCAR race this past weekend have hired attorneys (ESPN)

“Blade Runner” Murder Trial Update: Pistorius plans his own memorial service for Steenkamp (Yahoo!)

Supreme Court will not allow challenge to surveillance law, no standing (AP)

52-year-old female judge accused of having sexual relations with inmate inside interviewing room with 26-year-old client (Indy Star)

Deleware courthouse shooting update: Shooter wrote angry letters to one lawyer, failed to pay another years before courthouse slayings (ABA Journal)


Legal Links 2/5

Woman gives judge middle finger, gets 30-day sentence

Man arrested after allegedly driving motorized shopping cart drunk inside Walmart 

Family accused of smoking on an airplane causes emergency landing, gets arrested

Boy throws cookie at dollar-store clerk, clerk spanks him, calls him demon boy

Prison inmates save three boys from drowning in creek

Man tattoos his name on girlfriends face within 24-hours after meeting