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Casey Anthony Defamation Suit- Law Firm Stunt or Bona Fide Hunt?

Casey Anthony Defamation Suit- Law Firm Stunt or Bona Fide Hunt?

(from 2012)

UnknownCasey Anthony is one of the least popular people in the United States –if not the world- right now.  She was acquitted of the murder of her daughter, Caylee, and many took the decision personally.  Websites call for Casey’s sterilization, for her never to have any earnings and a host of other unfortunate (and mostly illegal) things.  A woman recently recklessly drove a look-a-like off of the road.  It’s hard NOT to root against her.   Even in her own defense, she was shown as a pathological liar and deviant, an atrocious mother and a selfish, heartless person.

I was interviewed repeatedly regarding the trial and have made no bones that I was surprised, and very disappointed, with the jury’s decision.  However, I am not sure if civil suits are going to make anything better here.  There is no “wrongful death” case here because the father is suspected to have predeceased his daughter and was not involved in her life, so there is no next of kin to fight for Caylee and her deviant mother has no assets.  There is zero true real loss potential for Casey in such a suit.  In fact, she has a STRONG chance at winning again.  She also has one of the largest and wealthiest advertising law firms in the country, Mordan & Morgan, pushing her name to nightly news regularly when most of us would rather not publicize her any further.

I wanted to take a look at the pending law suits and determine if they are worthwhile, legally, or are further giving another person 15 more minutes of fame because of the unfortunate, tragic death of Caylee Anthony.  I will address the search firm’s suit next, as it is a little different.

Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez v. Casey Anthony
The suit with the most publicity was filed by a lady named Zenaida Gonzalez. It is located here- Defamation has the following five elements: (1) publication; (2) falsity; (3) actor must act negligently on a matter concerning a private person; (4) actual damages; and (5) statement must be defamatory.  I get the lawsuit, but the whole slanderous episode lasted VERY briefly, was NOT believed by police, was not specific to the Plaintiff who filed suit based on released evidence and had very limited damages.  Frankly, it seems like Zenaida is just seeking to capitalize on her unfortunate coincidence of name.


On July 15, 2008, Casey Anthony reported to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office that her daughter Caylee had been missing for more than a month.  She claimed she had dropped her daughter off with her babysitter, Zenaida Gonzalez, at her apartment on South Conway Road on June 9.  On July 16, they all went to the Sawgrass Apartments.  The manager at the Sawgrass Apartments said that apartment No. 210 had been vacant since February.  At no point had Zenaida Gonzalez resided at that complex. Casey had also claimed that Zenaida had been a seasonal employee at Universal with her, but the company could find no record that at all…. Read more »