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Legal Links: Legal, Sports and Weird News

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High School hockey player gets punched, parents want to file lawsuit... (Yahoo!)

Employment picture for 2012 law grads pretty much the same as 2011 class (ABA Journal)

The City of San Jose sues MLB over potential Oakland A’s Move (ESPN)

Miami Heat fans leave game early, not allowed back in to see Heat comeback to win game 6 (Yahoo!)

Police search Patriot’s TE Hernandez’s home in connection with a homicide investigation (ESPN)

Police in Wyoming respond to 911 call after exorcism goes awry (FC Radio)

Attorney charged with invading femals coworkers home, assaulting her, commits suicide in his jail cell (NBC)

A group associated with the Obama administration , OFA, holds gun control rally in CA, 3 people show up (Breitbart)


Daily Discussion 2/19

“Doctors can advise patients to put covers on electrical outlets, keep poisons locked up and a host of other measures to protect children. Yet, they aren’t supposed to mention gun safety. Put a cord, drano, a pill bottle & a gun in their reach and see which is more fatal. I just spoke to a group of UF / Shands / Wolfsons pediatricians about the ambiguous state of these laws.” – John M. Phillips

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