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Legal Links: Legal, Sports and Weird News

Man who drove drunk and killed another man, posts video confession on YouTube, begs viewers to not drink and drive (ABA Journal)
George Zimmerman questioned after his estranged wife called police, said Zimmerman was threatening her with a gun (WKMG Orlando)

San Francisco Judge finds Abercrombie & Fitch guilty fo wrongfully firing muslim woman over hijab – head covering (Breitbart)

Syrian President Bashar Assad gives first interview since Obama asked for Congress to approve bombing Syria, airs tonight on Charlie Rose (CBS)

Rodman went to N. Korea for second time, plans to return set up exhibition game with former NBA stars, calls it “basketball diplomacy” (ESPN)
Texas A&M sorority girl finds text messages to another woman in ex’s phone, tries to stab him in the chest with decorative wall-mounted dagger
Harper Lee settles case claiming agent tricked her out of rights to “To Kill a Mockingbird.” (ABA Journal)

Man claims overstuffed Wal-Mart bag is to blame for his wife’s death. Chain of events: bag overstuffed, bag breaks, wife cuts toe, toe becomes infected, infection spreads, wife dies from infection (Kansas City)

Texas man discovers underground tunnel system beneath his front yard (NBC)


Legal Links: Legal, Sports and Weird News

Homeless woman arrested for 396th time, claims she can change (Huffington Post)

Bengals Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones arrested for assault, he claims he was “protecting himself” after a woman threw a beer bottle at him and he slapped her (ESPN)

Recent Law Grad? Stay away from Mississippi, move to Wyoming: See the most over-saturated job markets for attorney’s, state-by-state (ABA Journal)

Judge who said he has never met a homosexual actually hired several gay law clerks (ABA Journal)

Fourth Amendment Update: New Mexico now allows search warrants to be obtained via phone call (New Mexican)

Man charged with DUI despite blowing a .000 during breathalyzer test (CBS Cleveland)

German Bank employee falls asleep on keyboard, transfers $293 million  (France 24)


Legal Links 3/24

It’s Madness! Florida Gulf Coast is first ever 15 seed to go to the Sweet 16. “If there’s ever been a story of Cinderella riding a showboat” (CBS)

Miami law firm shuts leaving 70+ unemployed, firm managers said final paychecks will not be distributed until the office supplies that were taken are returned (ABA Journal)

Man arrested for DUI after posting video of himself drinking and driving (

Arkansas man stages knife attack to impress girlfriend (Huffington Post)

“Catch me if you can”: Man arrested, bail set at $1 million after posing as Air France pilot, gaining access to cockpit (Fox)


NFL: After firing his agent for missing deadlines, Elvis Dumervil signs with Ravens, Ed Reed leaves Ravens for Texans, takes out full page advertisment to thank Ravens fans (Yahoo!)