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Legal Links: Legal, Sports and Weird News

Would Edward Snowden be convicted by an American jury? (ABA)

Tired of your cell phone battery dying? Worry no more – researchers invented a battery that uses urine to charge it (The Independent)

A couple punches a lifeguard in the face because his whistle blowing was “aggravating their hangover.” (CBS Boston)

Awesome Twitter by a guy who ran on the field at last nights All Star Game (Brobible)

Is a law degree worth it? Report finds that law grads will, on average, make $1million more over their lifetime than their bachelor degree peers (ABA)

Johnny Maziel denies rumors of being “hungover” at  QB camp, kicked out. A college kid consuming alcohol is making headlines? (ESPN)

Lakers are eyeing LeBron for 2014. Will he leave? Once a cheater, always a cheater. (ESPN)

*Bonus Video*
Get through your post-lunch, mid week depression by watching this guy breaking up with young women he has never met before is quite entertaining.


Slovakian Cyckist Peter Sagan Finishes in Second, But Tries to Steal First… Base

Slovakian Cyckist Peter Sagan Finishes in Second, But Tries to Steal First… Base

Slovakian cyclist Peter Sagan finished in second place in the Tour of Flanders in Belgium on Sunday, but then he went for first… …base with one of the models hired to give the photo opportunity some sex appeal.  Sagan, a 23-year-old cyclist pinched the backside of a podium girl during the medal ceremony.  His mischievous grin suggests he was new exactly what he was doing and even was amused at his pinch of her rear.  She can be seen to be removing Sagan’s hand quite clearly in video footage. Read more »