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To hell in a hand basket? Multi-millionaire has PUN PAC #BabyGotPAC

Trump without the hairRepublican multimillionaire John Jordan was given a lucrative winery by his parents. He is Donald Trump without the wild hair. He’s the latest in people who are tired of collecting things- he is collecting people.

In 2013, he cre­ated his own su­per PAC (Americans for Progressive Action), hired his own cam­paign team, and poured more than $1.4 mil­lion of his own money to try and change a Senate race 3000 miles away. His candidate? Re­pub­lic­an Gab­ri­el Gomez, who was in a spe­cial elec­tion 3,000 miles away to fill John Kerry’s Sen­ate seat in Mas­sachu­setts. Reports were that Jordan had nev­er met or spoken to him. Gomez lost the elec­tion. He didn’t cry over his spilled Domaine de la Romanee-Conti Grand Cru. No, not at all.

He’s working on uncorking a new bottle. This time, he’s trying to collect a presidential candidate. Who? Marco Rubio. He’s also so thirsty…

…for a big break. And what better to quench his thirst than millions of dollars raised from wine. Jordan had previously raised money for Scott Walker’s presidential campaign, hosting the Wisconsin governor at his northern California winery. However, Scott was clearly corked and it is apparently time to try and collect another vintage.

Law and the Super PAC

According to, Super PACs were made possible due to the 2010 U.S. Supreme Court decision, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission decision, which hold that the PAC can accept unlimited donations from corporations, unions and individuals. They may use the funds to support or oppose candidates, but are prohibited from coordinating their spending with campaigns. However, the rules are confusing and both sides use super PACs to allow donors to contribute vast sums of money.

According to the Washington Post:

A set of FEC rules approved in 2010 prohibits a campaign from coordinating with an independent group on a paid communication. The agency laid out specific tests to determine whether a campaign has illegally shared internal strategy used to guide an independent group’s advertising.

About three dozen such super PACs collectively raised more than $266 million from January through June while the campaigns of 2016 presidential hopefuls collectively raised just half that much — about $130 million — according to a Center for Public Integrity review.

The Pun

Baby Got PAC is the latest PAC and is running ads for candidate Marco Rubio in tonight’s debate. Oh, my, God, Hilary, look at that PAC…

Yes, we went there. So did they.


Let’s summarize- you can now make butt jokes while pouring millions into a fund to win friends and influence politicians- sometimes when you never have even met them. Welcome to America.


Paint, Conceal, Shoot: Individuals painting their guns to make them look like toys is terrifying

The thought of children getting a parent’s gun is terrifying. Taking the right steps to keep guns safe and away from children should be a top priority for gun owners- but that is not always the case. Parents are not using locks or other safeguards to keep their guns away from children.

To make matters worse, individuals are now cloaking their assault rifles, pistols, you name it, with paint and plastics to look like a child’s toy or even a full on, out of the box, squirt gun. It is a recipe for horrific disasters.  Not to mention it leaves police in a predicament- to shoot or not to shoot?

Guns are being confiscated all over the country that, at first look, appear to be straight off the aisle from the toy section at Wal-Mart. But that, sadly, is not the case. The picture gallery below is a collection of a few of the many weapons out there that have been modified to no longer look “deadly” or like a usual black or silver firearm, but rather a child’s toy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tamir Rice Case

Tamir-Rice_2166651w In a 911 call, a caller phoned the police to report that someone, possibly a juvenile, was pointing a pistol at random people in the Cudell Recreation Center, yet the caller twice clarified that the gun was “probably fake.”   Officers were dispatched without the information that the caller thought the gun might have been fake.  The officers arrived at the park and approached the child we now know as Tamir Rice, ordering him to hold up his hands.  Rice reached down instead of up, prompting one of the officers to immediately fire two shots, fatally hitting Rice once in the torso. The entire incident happened within mere seconds. Read more »


Ford Car Blimp Crashes Into Stands at NBA game, Amazingly no one is Injured


No this is not photoshopped. No that is not a real car. But it is a really big blimp of a Ford. The Blimp was circling the arena when it when plummeting into the stands. Luckily for everyone is landed in an area where nobody was sitting. As we all know from watching the Macy’s Day Parade, those things (inflatables) can be dangerous and are heavy. Had this thing gone plunging into an onlooker the results would be less funny and a lot more dire. As of right now no one has been injured, but this is a bad, bad look for Ford. Especially for a marketing gimmick that I am sure they paid a hefty price -to fly a life size car-blimp around an arena full of onlookers.

In all seriousness, if you are ever injured I would recommend consulting an attorney as many injuries can result in long lasting negative effects on your life. Injuries can even flare up days, weeks, months or even years after the initial accident. Injuries are nothing to mess around with and I am very happy that this incident turned out to be humorous rather than horrific.


Worst of the Worst: Black Friday Edition

Black Friday is a spectacle, to put it lightly. Unbathed humans camping out for six days to get a $14 discount on Keurig at Walmart. Risking being trampled for a 15% discount on a 32″ TV. It is amazing. Black Friday is the closest thing we will probably ever have to our very own Hunger Games. If only stores would set up obstacles and traps and then televise the shoppers on national Ttelevision. Read more »


Mike Brown: Violence, Protests, Riots, Racism and a Grand Jury’s Pending Decision

I have sat relatively quiet and watched the events from August 9, 2014, forward.  I have offered prayers to the Brown family and support to their team.  I have been frustrated by the lack of leadership and response by those in charge on both sides.  Curiosity fuels speculation and speculation fuels contempt.  As such, Ferguson, Missouri has become a civil rights battleground- figuratively and literally.  Conclusions have been drawn before all of the facts are known.  Worse yet, the improperly addressed outrage has fueled so much division.

We are on the verge of a decision and I hope it will be met with peace.   I hope those in charge will take a moment to urge those disenfranchised to continue to fight, vote, pray and serve to make change happen.  Despite Trayvon, Jordan and Mike, too many failed to show up at the polls in November.  Too many are letting apathy excuse jury service.  Civil rights and justice start with the face in the mirror.

Two sides to every story?

What is known?  18-year-old Michael Brown, Jr., was shot and killed by police officer Darren Wilson.

What is unknown?  Much of everything else.  A teenager is dead as a result of a judgment call that looks all too familiar and tragic.  What happened in the moments leading up to the fatal shots?  Why did Mike Brown have to die?  My brothers and sisters have seen it too many times.  They “know” the story, but only the Grand Jury “knows” the story.  Right?

While Jordan Davis was still being Read more »


Michael Jordan Says That President Obama is a “Shi–y Golfer”

In a recent interview with a Wisconsin radio station WJMR, Michael Jordan described Barack Obama’s golf game as “shitty.” President Obama laughed off the statement, “Mike and I, we know each other but I’ve never played golf with him,”

He noted that Jordan made the comment in an interview with Ahmad Rashad, whom the president said he had partnered with before on the golf course. Obama said he and Rashad twice beat former Miami Heat star Alonzo Mourning, The Hill reports. Read more »


In the Line of Fire: How Dangerous is the Legal Profession, Update

Today, in an Oklahoma courthouse, a murderer attempted to kill his attorney with a razor blade he had smuggled into the courthouse. The razor reportedly came from a “safety razor” that inmates are allowed to have in prison to shave with.

While waiting for his sentencing in a courthouse conference room, Kevin Sweat, 28, had his handcuffs removed and positioned himself behind his attorney. Sweat then pulled out the smuggled razor blade and slashed his attorney’s throat. Fortunately, the unnamed attorney did survive, although he did lose a considerable amount of blood, as reported by Emory Bryan in a News On 6 video.

Sadly, attacks on attorneys and judges are not uncommon. While I have failed to keep up with all major attacks on attorneys and judges over the past few years, you can find a list of some of the major ones here: In the Line of Fire: How Dangerous is the Legal Profession


3-D Printing: Incredible Technology That Comes With a Price

3-D Printing is incredible. You can print almost anything you want, right at home. For example, you could print a new battery cover for the back of your remote control, a new cell phone case, holiday decor, or a life-size statue of yourself – pretty much anything you can think of (even a car). Unfortunately, there are going to be people who use such an innovative and convenient piece of technology for other purposes, such as manufacturing guns and other dangerous instrumentalities from their couch. Recently, a man was arrested in Japan for creating 2 guns for himself and then releasing his blue prints on the internet along with an instriuctional video on how to print guns on a 3-D printer.  Read more….


The Number of NFL Players Arrested Since 2000 Will Amaze You… Or it Won’t At All

It has become quite common to hear that an NFL player has been arrested. From 2000-2014 there have been 697 NFL players (while active) arrested for a crime. The numbers below are a small snapshot of an enormous problem in the NFL.
Here are the top charges NFL players were arrested for from 2000-2014.

  • 209:  DUI arrests
  • 91: Assault and battery
  • 88: Drug arrest
  • 87: Domestic Violence
  • 47: Disorderly Conduct
  • 46: Guns/Weapons
  • Bonus: The player topping the charts with most arrests by a player is Adam “Pacman” Jones with 9 arrests.
  • The Vikings lead the way with most arrests by team with 47

Read more »


Colts Owner Jim Irsay Video Released

Believe it or not, Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay sent in an audition tape to be an extra on AMC’s The Walking Dead. Well, not really. But he did get arrested for a DUI and subsequently suspended by the NFL. Below is the dash cam footage from Irsay’s recent DUI arrest. As you can see In the video, Irsay is intoxicated that his motor skills are on par with a zombie or an elderly Frankenstein.

In all seriousness, drinking and driving is not a joke. I am just glad that no one was hurt in this incident. Innocent people are killed everyday because someone decides to get behind the wheel impaired. Always arrange a ride with a designated driver or call a cab if you are going to be drinking. However, we all know things don’t always go as planned and people, even billionaire NFL team owners, make poor decisions and big mistakes. If trouble finds you, seek legal help. And ALWAYS think before you drink.


My Top Sports Headlines of the Day

Well, these might not be the top stories on ESPN or (insert your favorite sports blog here), but if I controlled ESPN, these would be the top stories and headlines.

1. “Quack, Quack, Quack Mr. Pettis.”
This just in, well this just in as of last night, St. Louis Rams wide receiver Austin Pettis apparently has a very large Mighty Ducks tattoo. The mystery of the tattoo is why does he have it? Pettis was born in 1988. The first Mighty Ducks movie came out in 1992. At the earliest, Pettis had the tattoo done when he was 18-years-old. I can only assume that fourteen years after the movie was released, Pettis was still super hyped about the comeback win over Iceland. I assume. Read more »


Florida Man Tattoos His Entire Head to Look Like a Patriots Helmet

This man is Victor Thompson. Victor was arrested in St. Petersburg, Florida for felony possession of marijuana. After being arrested, Victor had his mug shot taken. According to his head, Victor may or may not be the most dedicated Patriot’s fan in the world America Florida St. Petersburg. Read more »


AMC’s New Better Caul Saul Trailer Is in Good Taste Compared to Our List of The Worst of the Worst Lawyer Commercials

AMC’s new show, Better Call Saul, a spinoff from the same network’s Breaking Bad, has released a new trailer. The trailer is themed under the guise of what Saul Goodman’s television commercials might look like. Despite being a little strange and sleazy, just like Saul himself, this commercial comes off as more tasteful and ethical than some REAL attorney commercials. Below is the new trailer for Better Call Saul. Read more »


5 Myths About the Michael Dunn Trial for the Murder of Jordan Davis

Myth #5.  The trial is a waste of taxpayer money because Dunn is already going to serve life in prison.

Michael Dunn was convicted by a jury of three counts of attempted murder and one count of shooting into a occupied vehicle.  Upon sentencing, Dunn faces a POTENTIAL minimum of 60 years in prison.  However, these convictions are fully subject to an appeal.  Michael Dunn’s appellate clock starts only after Dunn is sentenced and the judgment becomes final.  Cory Strolla has indicated a desire to appeal the prior trial based on certain evidentiary and procedural rulings.  Read more »


Worst of the Worst: Double Feature – Billboard AND Commercial

Courts and Sports has been keeping tabs on the worst of the worst lawyer billboards and commercials since we started this site. It is days like today that make compiling these “Worst of the Worst” lists worth it. Today, (thanks to KSR) I came across the double-whammy – a law firm with a billboard AND a commercial that both make the list for Worst of the Worst. The best part is, the billboard and commercial feature the same advertising theme – Master P. “Make ’em say UGHH!”

Read more »