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Weird Laws

Weird Laws


Dominoes may not be played on Sunday.
It is illegal to wear a fake mustache that causes laughter in church.


Waking a sleeping bear to take a photograph is prohibited.


In Tombstone, AZ, it is illegal for men and women over the age of 18 to have less than one missing tooth visible when smiling. In other words, you need at least one tooth.


Sunshine is guaranteed to the masses.
It is a misdemeanor to shoot at any kind of game from a moving vehicle, unless the target is a whale.
Women may not drive in a house coat.


Women may be fined for falling asleep under a hair dryer, as can the salon owner.
A special law prohibits unmarried women from parachuting on Sunday or she shall risk arrest, fine, and/or jailing.
If an elephant is left tied to a parking meter, the parking fee has to be paid just as it would for a vehicle.
It is illegal to sing in a public place while attired in a swimsuit.
Men may not be seen publicly in any kind of strapless gown.
In Miami Beach, no pigs at the beach. Sec. 10-7. Keeping swine within city prohibited. It shall be prohibited for any person to have in his possession, control, management or custody any swine within the city. (Code 1964, § 4-6.8.


•In Galesburg, Illinois, there is a $1,000 dollar fine for beating rats with baseball bats. RATS with BATS.


•It is illegal for a liquor store to sell cold soft drinks.
•Liquor stores may not sell milk.
•In South Bend, Indiana, it is illegal to make a monkey smoke a cigarette.


One-armed piano players must perform for free.


It is illegal for bar owners to sell beer unless they are simultaneously brewing a kettle of soup.

New Jersey

If you have been convicted of driving while intoxicated, you may never again apply for personalized license plates.

New York

A fine of $25 can be levied for flirting. This old law specifically prohibits men from turning around on any city street and looking “at a woman in that way.” A second conviction for a crime of this magnitude calls for the violating male to be forced to wear a “pair of horse-blinders” wherever and whenever he goes outside for a stroll.
It is against the law to throw a ball at someone’s head for fun.
A license must be purchased before hanging clothes on a clothesline.

North Dakota

Beer and pretzels can’t be served at the same time in any bar or restaurant.
It is illegal to lie down and fall asleep with your shoes on.


It is illegal to fish for whales on Sunday.
It is illegal to get a fish drunk.
In Paulding, Ohio, a policeman may bite a dog to quiet him.


A person is not eligible to become Governor if he/she has participated in a duel.


It is illegal to take more than three sips of beer at a time while standing.
It is illegal to drive without windshield wipers. You don’t need a windshield, but you must have the wipers.
It is illegal for one to shoot a buffalo from the second story of a hotel.
It is illegal to milk another person’s cow.
A recently passed anticrime law requires criminals to give their victims 24 hours notice, either orally or in writing, and to explain the nature of the crime to be committed.
The entire Encyclopedia Britannica is banned in Texas because it contains a formula for making beer at home.
In Port Authur, Texas, obnoxious odors may not be emitted in an elevator.


Women must obtain written permission from their husbands to wear false teeth.

West Virginia

Roadkill MAY be taken home for supper.


You must manually flush all urinals in a building.
Butter substitutes are not allowed to be served in state prisons.

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