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Michigan Wide Receiver Suspended Indefinitely After Violent Attack

University of Michigan wide receiver Csont’e York was suspended indefinitely earlier this month for “failing to meet team standards.” Apparently the team standard is to not violently blindside another person with a haymaker. York, who can be seen in the video below wearing a fishing hat, was apparently upset after the victim bumped into York at a bar. According to police reports, the victim and York were “jaw jacking” back and forth about if hockey is better than football. Read more »


Legal Links: Legal, Sports and Weird News

Waiters and bartenders no longer have to pay bills that cutomers walk out on.  A court ruling in Minnesota has found that the bar or restaraunt has to cover the losses (ABA)
Lifetime of alimony keeps former millionaire in jail on a regular basis (Bloomberg)

Man wanted for assault after forcing home run ball from young fan’s hands (CBS Sports)

AT&T sued for refusing to air Al-Jazeera cable news network (Bloomberg)

Photographer who refused to photograph a gay wedding was found to have violated anti-discrimination laws (ABA)

This ESPN short titled “The Freak” will have you excited to watch (6) South Carolina’s Jadeveon Clowney this fall.

Bonus: As of 1:00pm (EST) a SportsNation poll showed that almost half of the country believes that the Jacksonville Jaguars are “in the worst shape.” How did the Jaguars beat the Raiders?  #CmonMan

Screen shot 2013-08-26 at 12.45.34 PM


Legal Links: Legal, Sports and Weird News

Australian man playing baseball at an Oklahoma college is shot and killed by ‘bored’ teens (ESPN)
Freedom of Speech? Pastor to burn nearly 3,000 Koran’s on 9/11 (CBS Tampa)

Law student application drop 18%, how does that help current students? (ABA Journal)

Lawsuit against for profit schools who inflated post-grad employment numbers settle lawsuit (Wall Street Journal)

Now this is a Chinese law I can get on board with: Public bathroom users to be fined for missing the toilet, bad aim (China Morning Post)
Big Brother: Google Glass app allows police to view live feed from nearby surveillance cameras (Tech Crunch)
Man strangles girlfriend… because she deleted all of his numbers out of his phone (Jakarta Globe)

Watch out for prank phone calls: Large amount of fake phone calls being made, telling people to show up for jury duty, want personal info (ABA Journal)


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Legal Links: Legal, Sports and Weird News

Dez Bryant will be really mad if Manziel does not get suspended for signing autos (ESPN)
The 18 best worst bad guys in sports movies (Bleacher Report)
The worst of the worst lawyer commercials… Ever (Courts and Sports)
New courthouse dress code bans sleeveless shirts, halter tops (ABA)
Stare DE J.J. Watt wants to play offense, too (ESPN)
Boy and his friend kill great-grandmother with a hatchet, because they wanted pizza (ABA)

Big Brother: NJ city has watch towers, microphones and over 120 cameras installed on streets (My9NJ)
Citizens who do not speak english can still be jurors, New MExico Supreme Court says (ABA)


Legal Links: Legal, Sports and Weird News

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announces Justice Department Initiative to reverse the war on drugs (ABA Journal)
Judge strikes down New York’s stop-and-frisk policy (The New York Times)
More memorabilia dealers come forward claiming Manziel signed a bunch of stuff for them
Michelle Obama to release rap album (Politico)
Finally!!! Jet Pack developer gets green light to begin test flights (Sky News)
Man who fell 65 feet at Atlanta’s Turner Field has died (ESPN)
Quadruple amputee has custom wheelchair stolen while on vacation (France 24)
Constitutional right to die? Terminally ill woman wants to end her life to donate organs, but will Michigan law allow such a wish? (Fox Detroit)
149 teens and young adults face criminal charges for playing giant game of hide and seek (Washington Post)
It is no “Grey’s Anatomy” pay out, but Asiana offers $10,000 all survivors of a recent plane crash (AP)
Justice Department sues in an effort to block the merger of American Airlines and US Airways (ABA Journal)
Texas A&M bought Texas Weslyan University’s law school (ABA Journal)
Really? Man caught trying to steal puppies… By stuffing them down his pants (WOKV)


Legal Links: Legal, Sports and Weird News

A high school football coach is attacked, bitten in the face by a former player…. Who he coached over 20 year ago (AP)
A federal judge has ruled that New York police violated the Constitution when they targeted “the right people” with stop-and-frisk tactics (ABA Journal)
Angel’s All-Star Mike Trout says all PED users should get a lifetime ban from the game (ESPN)

Big Brother Watch: Recycling bins in England are tracking smart phones (BBC)

60-foot sinkhole near Disney World sucks in building at nearby resort (CNN)
Parents name their baby “Messiah,” Judge orders them to change it to “Martin” (WBIR)
Man arrested for waving confederate flag, yelling racial slurs…. Again (My9NJ)
Man with Asperger’s Syndrome arrested for 29th time nabbing trains and busses (AP)


MLB used facebook, electronic trail to build case for PED suspensions (ESPN)  A-Roid gets booed hard at first game back (DeadSpin)

Man wrecks his boat, saves doge, then goes back for wife (Herald Sun)

The Legality of Online Gambling: Games of Skill and Chance (Courts And Sports) 2nd Circuit says  determining whether poker is “skill or chance” is irrelevant (ABA Journal)

Lawyer agrees to five-year suspensions for telling client to “clean up his facebook” account (ABA Journal)

The judge from the Casey Anthony Trial may be getting his own Judge-Judy-Alex-Joe Brown television show (MSN)

Do you remember “Smalls” from the Sandlot? Well, he was arrested this week for head-butting a cop at an airport (TMZ)

The man who was arrested for calling 9-1-1 after McDonald’s got his order wrong, is defending his actions (WALB News)


Legal Links: Legal, Sports and Weird News

SCOTUS strikes down federal law that banned federal benefits to gay married couples. (ABA)

NFL TE Aaron Hernandez arrested in connection with murder investigation. (ESPN)

Are you a lawyer or law student? Check out these legal apps! (The Droid Lawyer)

NY Yankees GM Brian Cashman says, “Alex (Rodriguez) should just shut the f— up.” (ESPN)

Baltimore Ravens running back was car-jacked at gun point in Philadelphia. (CBS Philly)

Cleveland Browns LB charged with attempted murder after punching a man outside of a strip club (CBS Cleveland)

Social media sparks 200 teen brawl in a south Florida mall (CBS Miami)

Guard has her ear bitten off by inmate, other inmates come to guards rescue (News Channel 10)


Legal Links: Legal, Sports and Weird News

The Scarlett Letter 2013- Florida man is falsely labeled a sexual predator. (Courts and Sports)

2011 murder of civil rights attorney remains unsolved (ABA Journal) For more, see our previous article, “In The Line of Fire: How Dangerous is the Legal Profession?” (Courts and Sports)


After the Miami Heat wont the title, many of the Heat players went to Miami clubs and partied with rappers. Shane Battier went to Denny’s and ate a Grand Slam. (CBS)

Jacksonville, Fl Dad rents out movie theater so his son and his friends can play videos on a huge screen. (Gawker)

Best sports GIF of the year: Chris Bosh being extra Boshie vs. finals confetti.  (Mashable)

Here is a recap of the SCOTUS ‘s three biggest decisions in the last session. (AP)

New pill/microchip remembers all of your passwords- it can be swallowed, and then it transmits information from inside your body (Daily Mail)

Man waiting in line for the new LeBron’s (shoes) shoots man who tried to rob everybody in line, police do not press charges. (Sporting News)

Videos of LeBron and D. Wade partying in celebration of championship is annoying. So is Drake. (TMZ)

–Bonus Video–


Legal Links: Legal, Sports and Weird News

Homeless woman arrested for 396th time, claims she can change (Huffington Post)

Bengals Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones arrested for assault, he claims he was “protecting himself” after a woman threw a beer bottle at him and he slapped her (ESPN)

Recent Law Grad? Stay away from Mississippi, move to Wyoming: See the most over-saturated job markets for attorney’s, state-by-state (ABA Journal)

Judge who said he has never met a homosexual actually hired several gay law clerks (ABA Journal)

Fourth Amendment Update: New Mexico now allows search warrants to be obtained via phone call (New Mexican)

Man charged with DUI despite blowing a .000 during breathalyzer test (CBS Cleveland)

German Bank employee falls asleep on keyboard, transfers $293 million  (France 24)


Legal Links 4/8: Legal, Sports and Weird News

Worst of the worst lawyer commercial Elite 8 (C&S)

Former Auburn football player to serve three years after pleading guilty to first-degree robbery (ESPN)

14-year-old to compete at Masters, youngest ever (NY Times)

Illinois is making the BAR more difficult to pass, check out the list of the 10 hardest BAR exams (ABA)

Legal job market good news, bad news: The good news is that  March saw the highest increase in legal jobs in over a year (ABA) the bad news is that half of 2011 law grads cannot afford a house due to law school debt (ABA)

Several states pushing for gold and silver to be used as legal tender (Bloomberg)

German thieves steal 5.5 tons ($20,000) worth of Nutella (AP)

Drones getting use in India – to protect rhinos from poachers (ABC)


Legal Links 4/2: Legal, Sports and Weird News

“I ain’t pass the bar, but I know a little bit.” Jay-Z is now a sports agent, NY Yankee Robinson Cano fires agent Scott Boras, signs with Jay-Z (NY Times)

Rutgers basketball coach berated, cursed, pushed threw balls at players and used racial slurs (ESPN)

Legality of gambling on fantasy sports, what’s the line? (C&S)

If SCOTUS justice Ginsburg retires, who will Obama choose next? (ABA) End of a Conservative Supreme Court? (FORBES)

Timeline Inc. filed a suit in 2011 against Facebook for its… Timeline feature. Federal judge refuses to dismiss case. (ABA)

Conn. moves towards most strict gun laws yet ( while a GA town passes law requiring citizens to own guns (Reuters)

Michael Jackson’s wrongful death trial to begin (CNN)

Two mothers brawl at children’s Easter egg hunt (CBS Seattle)


Legal Links 3/27: Sports, Legal and Weird News

Former Miami Dolphin beats 17-year-old son unconscious (USA Today)

Man broke into Bryan Cranston’s car and stole top secret Breaking Bad script… If someone spoils the finale for me Ill never recover (ABC)

Minor League Baseball team installs urinal video games (US News)

Man arrested after hunting a deer with a handgun in a Walmart parking lot (CBS Pittsburgh)

Disabled man awarded $8,000 after having panic attack when he  stuck on Disney’s “It’s a Small World” (US News)

Catholic priest accused of selling over $300,000 in meth (CBS New York)

Lawyer demands University of Central Florida ends Greek Life ban over lack of due process (Click Orlando)

UNC takes Agent policies to unbelievable level (



Legal Links 3/26

Amanda Knox ordered back to Italy for 3rd trial. What is the Amanda Knox story all about? (C&S Radio)

RG III has been throwing passes to elephants at the circus (ESPN)

Three family members go to jail after attacking DJ for not playing requested song (CBS Pittsburgh)

Man breaks into home is found with a to-do list that included finding meth, cocaine, a gold watch, breaking into a home or robbing a drug dealer, and to do a good deed for a stranger (CBS Boston)

Irish town legalizes some citizens to drink and drive (NBC New York)

Supreme Court to rule on gay marriage ban (ABA Journal)

Meet Charles Cooper, the man arguing on behalf of gay marriage today in the Supreme Court  (ABA Journal)