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Florida Man Tattoos His Entire Head to Look Like a Patriots Helmet

This man is Victor Thompson. Victor was arrested in St. Petersburg, Florida for felony possession of marijuana. After being arrested, Victor had his mug shot taken. According to his head, Victor may or may not be the most dedicated Patriot’s fan in the world America Florida St. Petersburg. Read more »


A Teacher Fired for Showing up Drunk and Pantsless on Her First Day of School, and I Can’t Stop Staring at Her Picture

An Oklahoma woman, who recently obtained employment as high school teacher, was found at her a desk, drunk, with no pants on. She was discovered “disoriented” and pantsless, hunched over another teacher’s desk. She was arrested for public intoxication. I am sure as you are reading this you have created an image of what the pantsless perpetrator looks like… Check out her mug shot after the jump and see how close you were Read more »


Former WNBA Star Arrested for Assault of Tulsa Shock Player

ATLANTA – Chamique Holdsclaw was arrested after breaking the windows out of  a woman’s Land Rover and subsequently firing a weapon into the victim’s vehicle. The Associated Press reports that the assault took place after Holdsclaw followed Jennifer Lacy, who plays for the Tulsa Shock, to her car, at which point Holdsclaw used a bat to shatter the windows of Lacy’s car.

Luckily, no one was injured in the incident, and Lacy was able to identify Holdsclaw. Not only did Lacy know Holdsclaw, but Holdsclaw is Lacy’s ex-girlfriend. The two were teammates for the Atlanta Dream in 2009.

“Holdsclaw was in custody Thursday night in Fulton County Jail. Her bond was set at $10,000 on one charge each of aggravated assault, second-degree criminal damage and reckless conduct,” The AP reports.

For the two ex-lovers, Tuesday was no, “Atlanta Dream”

Chamique Holdsclaw Mug Shot

Holdsclaw’s Mug Shot, credit



Utopia?: Not hardly. It’s an overcast group of people with something to sell or promote… and agents.

We wanted to take a moment and expose reality shows for the two or three people who actually still believe the lines you are fed about them.  The back-stories created in Fox’s new “reality” show, Utopia, are all heavily made up and manipulated.  Here is what we know.

Red Vanwinkle

Arthur Vanwinkle, aka “Red” on the series Utopia, not only has a criminal past, but a reality show past.  It’s not surprising.  Most “reality” show contestants find their way in through publicists or agents, other pilots or are otherwise scouring for 15 minutes of fame.  He knows how to participate in a production and is hungry enough to be the “character” both shows wanted him to be. Read more »


North Korea: Do You Allow Your People To See This?

As some of you know, we are trying to get someone to check-in to our blog from every country.  Some say we will never get North Korea and it should just be skipped.  I say, nothing is impossible.

“But, but what about Dennis Rodman,” I say.  He got in and out and tweeted.  There is hope.  Well, I said that until I did the research.  So what are we up against? North Korea is that bad crazy homeless lady who just can’t be invited to a Ruth’s Chris, you can’t bring to the playground and is just too shameful to trifle with.  It’s the opposite of America.

The Internet?

According to the AP, North Koreans do not have the internet, but a restricted “Intranet” called Read more »


Legal Links 3/11

Georgia sports agent provided ex-UNC athletes with cash, could face prison, fines. (ESPN)

Attorney arrested for hit and run, his online mugshot ends up next to his law firms advertisement (ABA Journal)

NFL, Goddell dontate $30 million to concussion research (ESPN)

“Dark Knight” shooter trial update: Judge approves subjecting shooter James Holmes to “truth Serum” (Sky News)

For my fellow Floridians: Giant mosquitoes to invade Florida (USA Today)

Couple visits all 254 Texas courthouses on a 14,500 mile journey (ABA Journal)

Contracts 101: Judge rules prenuptial agreement void, “fraudulently induced” (ABA Journal)



Legal Links 2/25

Talk of NBA’s amnesty clause sparks feud: Kobe v. Mark Cuban (NBC Sports)

While visiting a client, lawyer accidentally gets locked in cell, police call the accident an “unfortunate incident” (ABA Journal)

Desmond Bryant arrested for criminal mischief, his mugshot is a must-see (USA Today)

Drug dealer tells jury he and lawyer worked on witness hit list, among other crimes (The Record)

What is it going to take? Increased penalties for dopers in MLB could be coming (Yahoo!)

Tom Brady signed to 3-year extension with Patriots (ESPN) Takes big pay cut (USA Today)

Just FYI, since you loaded this page, Yankee’s Alex Rodriguez has made ~100$,  almost $1.00 every second. 


In the Line of Fire: How Dangerous is the Legal Profession?

A majority of people do not realize how dangerous the legal profession is. As an aspiring attorney and legal blogger, I stay current on legal news and in effect I am more conscious of reports and situations in which attorneys and judges are threatened, injured or killed.

The following is a compilation of a few of the most recent tragedies involving the legal profession. This is only a small sample of the reported attacks and killings of attorneys and judges:

  • On February 3, the 28-year-old daughter of an attorney was murdered by one of his former clients, an  ex-Los Angeles police officer.
  • Then again on January 30 2013, an Oklahoma man facing assault charges attacked his lawyer, Larry Monard, in court. He punched, kicked and choked Monard.
  • On January 22 2013, two attorneys, who should have known better, got into a fight in which attorney Scott Radman was severely beaten by fellow attorney, Sean Murphy, inside of a courthouse.

In result of the January 30, 2013 murder of Mark Hummels in Arizona, the State Bar of Arizona released a statement regarding the danger of being an attorney as well as the senseless murder that should have never taken place.  Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of the State Bar of Arizona, John F. Phelps, issued this statement in response to the death of Hummels:

“The death of our colleague, Mark Hummels, is heartbreaking on so many levels. The loss of any life is tragic. But in this case, Mark was killed as a result of simply trying to do his job. We all know that attorneys are Read more »