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Paint, Conceal, Shoot: Individuals painting their guns to make them look like toys is terrifying

The thought of children getting a parent’s gun is terrifying. Taking the right steps to keep guns safe and away from children should be a top priority for gun owners- but that is not always the case. Parents are not using locks or other safeguards to keep their guns away from children.

To make matters worse, individuals are now cloaking their assault rifles, pistols, you name it, with paint and plastics to look like a child’s toy or even a full on, out of the box, squirt gun. It is a recipe for horrific disasters.  Not to mention it leaves police in a predicament- to shoot or not to shoot?

Guns are being confiscated all over the country that, at first look, appear to be straight off the aisle from the toy section at Wal-Mart. But that, sadly, is not the case. The picture gallery below is a collection of a few of the many weapons out there that have been modified to no longer look “deadly” or like a usual black or silver firearm, but rather a child’s toy.

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Tamir Rice Case

Tamir-Rice_2166651w In a 911 call, a caller phoned the police to report that someone, possibly a juvenile, was pointing a pistol at random people in the Cudell Recreation Center, yet the caller twice clarified that the gun was “probably fake.”   Officers were dispatched without the information that the caller thought the gun might have been fake.  The officers arrived at the park and approached the child we now know as Tamir Rice, ordering him to hold up his hands.  Rice reached down instead of up, prompting one of the officers to immediately fire two shots, fatally hitting Rice once in the torso. The entire incident happened within mere seconds. Read more »


Ford Car Blimp Crashes Into Stands at NBA game, Amazingly no one is Injured


No this is not photoshopped. No that is not a real car. But it is a really big blimp of a Ford. The Blimp was circling the arena when it when plummeting into the stands. Luckily for everyone is landed in an area where nobody was sitting. As we all know from watching the Macy’s Day Parade, those things (inflatables) can be dangerous and are heavy. Had this thing gone plunging into an onlooker the results would be less funny and a lot more dire. As of right now no one has been injured, but this is a bad, bad look for Ford. Especially for a marketing gimmick that I am sure they paid a hefty price -to fly a life size car-blimp around an arena full of onlookers.

In all seriousness, if you are ever injured I would recommend consulting an attorney as many injuries can result in long lasting negative effects on your life. Injuries can even flare up days, weeks, months or even years after the initial accident. Injuries are nothing to mess around with and I am very happy that this incident turned out to be humorous rather than horrific.


Worst of the Worst: Black Friday Edition

Black Friday is a spectacle, to put it lightly. Unbathed humans camping out for six days to get a $14 discount on Keurig at Walmart. Risking being trampled for a 15% discount on a 32″ TV. It is amazing. Black Friday is the closest thing we will probably ever have to our very own Hunger Games. If only stores would set up obstacles and traps and then televise the shoppers on national Ttelevision. Read more »