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November 19, 2014

World’s Saddest Mug Shot

by Sam Ranard

In the past, Courts and Sports has provided you with the worst of the worst mugshots, mug shots of the day, worst t-shirt mugshots and everything in between. Today we are proud to announce the “Saddest Mug Shot Ever.” Gabriel Harris is very sad. Why? It all started when a hungry (not yet sad) Mr. Harris wanted the old 3 a.m. Fourth Meal. Yes. Mr. Harris was arrested at Taco Bell. Personally, when I get Taco Bell on the mind after midnight, it is hard to resist. Unfortunately for Mr. Harris, he was denied his crunchy beef wrap supreme after the Taco Bell employees refused to serve him in the drive through because he was on a bike, oh, and the restaurant had just closed. 

The Taco Bell employees called the police when Harris, 33, refused to leave after placing an order at the drive-through window as the restaurant was closing just after 3 a.m. on Sunday.

According to WFTV in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, “Reports said police found Harris sitting on the bicycle at the speaker. Police said as officers asked Harris to leave they spotted a Swiss Army knife on his belt loop. An officer reached for the knife, but Harris grabbed his wrist.”

The officer fought with Harris, took the sad man to the ground and arrested him.

Harris faces a charge of resisting arrest with violence. As recent as this morning at 10am, it was reported that Harris is still sad.


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