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November 7, 2014

Mug Shots Worst of the Worst: T-Shirts

by Sam Ranard

You may remember our post a while back, “Mug Shots: The Worst of the Worst T-Shirts to be Arrested In.” When I wrote that post, I am sure that we had a majority of the worst of the worst T-shirts to be arrested in, but today, today there has been a T-shirt mug shot game changer.

This woman was arrested for possession of crystal meth, while wearing a shirt that reads, “I (heart) Crystal Meth.”

Here is the full story:

A Kentucky woman, Deborah Asher, wearing an “I Love Crystal Meth” t-shirt was arrested for possession of… crystal meth.

According to The Smoking Gun, Asher (seen in the above mug shot) and Richard Rice, 57, her male companion, were found in possession of 3.37 grams of meth and some measuring scales. I can’t say that I know how much 3.37 grams of meth is, but it was enough to get them both charged with a felony for narcotics possession and drug trafficking.

My observations:

  • Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. And you have the right to remain “silent,” but wearing an “I (heart) Crystal Meth” shirt certainly doesn’t help your cause.
  • Whoever designed this shirt thought it was necessary to specify that it was “crystal meth” and not just “meth”
  • When making the shirt, the person who created didn’t think it looked just right so they added some bullet points on each side of “meth”. In my opinion, those little dots really set off the layout of the shirt. Turned out great.
  • While the fashion choice is questionable, at least she didn’t butt-dial the police while cooking meth.

Click here for a much longer showing of some of the WORST T-shirts to get arrested in.

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