We wanted to take a moment and expose reality shows for the two or three people who actually still believe the lines you are fed about them.  The back-stories created in Fox’s new “reality” show, Utopia, are all heavily made up and manipulated.  Here is what we know.

Red Vanwinkle

Arthur Vanwinkle, aka “Red” on the series Utopia, not only has a criminal past, but a reality show past.  It’s not surprising.  Most “reality” show contestants find their way in through publicists or agents, other pilots or are otherwise scouring for 15 minutes of fame.  He knows how to participate in a production and is hungry enough to be the “character” both shows wanted him to be.

RedBefore becoming a main character on the soon-to-flop Fox “reality” show, Mr. Vanwinke was on the Discovery show, The Blue Grass Boys, about a sect of marijuana “master growers” in Kentucky.  The link has a sample of the show.  He even has an IMDb page.  It is hard to imagine a crew following both the police department and those knowingly and openly evading the law- and it be real, but alas that is the premise. It even infuriated the town’s residents, who regularly took to social media to call out the “production.”

Pawn Stars?  The “characters” are never there.  It is just a part of the process.  We have been asked to review the very lengthy contracts they sign and I have been asked to participate in a “judge show” pilot myself.

Don’t expect him to mention marijuana on the show, or his time with Discovery or well any of that.  He’s the antagonist.  His contract is very clear and full of do’s and don’t’s.  They all are.

He wants to enjoy this “clean” living and probably hope to find a future after the show.  Here are three mugshots of the reality show pro –


Pastor Jonathan

pastorOn the other hand, you have “Pastor Jonathan.”  That much is real.  You can watch him talk about leaving his ministry to go on the show from the pulpit here.  The Utopian fans have not quite found his twitter account yet with only 292 followers.  And the Church or his family created a facebook page just to promote his ministry, baptisms and efforts in the name of God while on this run- https://www.facebook.com/BigJonLovelace.

How did he find the show or the show find him?  Here is what his wife revealed- “she could not elaborate because of confidentiality issues, Wendy said this adventure “found him.”

Bella Chartrand

Once glance at Bella’s friends list reveals a litany of actors and people with their SAG cards – https://www.facebook.com/bella.chartrand.549/friends.  Despite being self-proclaimed as a survivalist, it is not hard to see how she found her way in front of producers.

Bri Nguyen

A young California girl with ambitions to do more? Many a MTV reality show was made from girls like Bri.  Look up “xdorkiibrii” online or her facebook here and learn more about her.

Chris Tuorto

Budding musician – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6c_aFWoUd64.  Albums to sell.

Dedeker Winston

Actor – http://www.dedekerwinston.com/.  With her own demo reel:

Nikki Noce

Fairly well known personality who has her own media page, podcast and publicist – http://www.drnikkinoce.com/media/.  Yoga sells and is her thing – http://instagram.com/drnikkinoce.

Hex Vanisles (real name – Kimberly Bondy)

“Hex’s” Linkedin Page certainly shows a different side than what has been sold to the public – https://www.linkedin.com/in/hexvanisles.  As does lnstagram- http://www.enjoygram.com/hexvanisles, which also reveals her real name and that she’s a PR professional.  Her twitter is here- https://twitter.com/kimAbondy.

Her story has been re-written the most from what we can see- https://www.facebook.com/events/207732626052251/:

“Kimberly Bondy, 24, is the newest addition to the Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club Detroit team. Currently, Kim is working on her Master’s Degree in English while also CEO of her own private social media and public relations agency. Kim serves as Brand Ambassador to Hustler Club, responsibilities include event hosting and coordinating, public relations, promotions, and social media. With a past in front of the camera as a model and recently appearing as Maxim’s Hot Pic at Noon girl of August, Kim now spends her time behind the scenes and prefers the business side to entertainment and nightlife in particular. Follow Kim on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at HustlerKB to keep up on all the latest in the whirlwind life of this promoter!”

There is little consistent with what this site has collected from official releases – http://starcasm.net/archives/287013.

Even the Location isn’t really a “Secret”

The town of Santa Clarita, California boasts that the show is filmed there – http://filmsantaclarita.com/for-the-community/filmed-in-scv/ and the AP revealed the participants get stipends, even mapping out its secret location on its website.

map This isn’t a Utopia for anyone- unless the sponsors somehow buy it.

…You get the idea… 

Reality is not real.  The common link is that they all have something to sell or an agenda to push.  Who else could take a year off and sign a contract which is only designed to protect the producers, sponsors and those affiliated with the show.

Oh, and this girl was allegedly kicked off for smuggling in a phone-

andrea-cox-140829-618x400She was cut from the same cloth- https://www.facebook.com/TheHealthyHaven.

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