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August 27, 2014

Worst of the Worst, Throwing out the First Pitch

by Sam Ranard

The old MLB tradition of the ceremonial first pitch. The tradition is almost as old as the game of baseball itself.  The first pitch used to be thrown from the grandstand (where the guest of honor was sitting) to the pitcher on the field. That all changed when Ronald Reagan made a guest appearance at a Baltimore Orioles game and threw the ball from the mound to the catcher.

As you can imagine, not every person being honored with the first pitch responsibilities is athletic, or at least athletic enough to throw out a decent first pitch. Today I saw one of the worst first pitches of all time, and now here we are, with my list of the worst of the worst first pitches in Major League Baseball.

The following videos are the worst of the worst and are in no particular order:

50 Cent

The best part of this video is the commentators saying that 50 Cent opened up his shoulders too early… Yeah… That’s it.

Here is 50 Cent’s explanation as to what happened on Jimmy Kimmel

President Obama, hmm…

Mariah Carey

Ball one: That Jacket, Ball two: wearing high heals to throw out a first pitch, Ball three: The cameraman’s non-discrete slow panning shot of Carey, Ball Four: the pitch:

Mark Mallory, former mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio:

This Random Astros Fan (This is the first pitch that inspired this post):

John Wall, who played for the best college basketball program of all time:

Well, that is it for now. Comment below if you know of any deserving of this list that I left out!

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