I sure hope that there is more to this report than meets the eye. In 2010, Florida Governor Rick Scott adopted a yellow Labrador at the beginning of his campaign for Governor. He was praised for rescuing a dog instead of buying a pure bread one. He even named the dog “Reagan” after the former president. What a great story, right? Well, there is more to it.

When Scott adopted the dog, his social media and campaign website shared several pictures of Scott and Reagan. There was even a social media campaign to name him:

It wasn’t until shortly after Scott was elected Governor of Florida that the pictures of Scott and Reagan stopped and slowly began to vanish. The last time Reagan made the newspapers was the day before Scott was sworn in as governor in Januarydog 2011.  No one would address it.  It was later revealed that Scott had returned the dog, as if it were a DVD from Walmart.

Reporters confronted Scott to no avail.  According to a report on Gawker, Scott finally owned up to it and admitted that  Reagan had been returned.  He clarified, “Reagan never bit anyone but ‘scared the living daylights’ out of people at (Scott’s) mansion. He said one kitchen employee threatened to quit and photographer Eric Tournay was frightened when the dog ‘barked like crazy’ every time he saw him with a camera.” Unreal.

My dog barks at all kinds of things. He barks at hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, brooms, frogs, people dancing and countless other inanimate objects. It is a long list. The point being, I would never “return” my dog, who is like a family member to me, because he barks at things. When my dog barks at someone, I usually appreciate it. I just assume that the dog is trying to protect me, our home or that my dog senses something that he feels he needs to warn me about. Why does he bark? Well, believe it or not Rick, dogs are still unable to communicate through the use of human language.  I take the time to work with my dog, train him to behave properly and carry out the commitment I made when I decided to adopt my dog.  Scott’s commitment was to the campaign, not to Reagan.

A facebook page has been created over the fiasco:







Don’t even get us started on his deposition: See it here.

As a dog lover, I could sit here and make 1,000 assumptions as to what happened with Reagan, but I will let you all decide.

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