Just when I thought peace was going to find itself in Ferguson, Missouri, the violence increased. Below you can find a small collection of (the many) powerful videos coming out of Ferguson. This list is in no particular order and is not conclusive. Some of these videos have a million views, some have under 100, but they all tell a little bit of the story. I will be adding more videos soon.

1. Ferguson Police Officer (who has since been taken off duty) points his rifle at protestors and tells them, “I will F—ing Kill you”

2. Ferguson police officer references shooting of Maya Aaten-White while another officer tries to shut him up.

3. This video is a little long, but it is a good representation of what is happening in Ferguson.

4. Police Arrest Washington Post Journalists. This video is one of the scariest. Journalists are the manifestation of the First Amendment’s freedom of the press. Journalists are the eyes and ears to everything, they are the watchdogs who keep the powerful in check. If the government were to succeed in shutting down or censoring the media, the rapid devolution of democracy would likely follow.

5. Church is set up as safe haven for the people of Ferguson, including protestors. The police surrounded and raided the church for aiding protestors. Out of everything I have seen or read, this story has the most “civil war” feel to it.

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