This video really can not be properly described in words, it must be watched. Choking is no laughing matter. About 3,000 adults die from choking each year. In the video below, a woman who was choking while driving, was very lucky to have a police officer behind her, who ends up saving her life. Keep reading after the video for a little information on what to do if you see someone choking.

This might also be a good time to learn or refresh yourself on how to perform the heimlich maneuver. It is a skill you should know, and it may end up saving someone’s life. According to, “Choking is the inability to breathe because the trachea is blocked, constricted, or swollen shut. Choking is a medical emergency. When a person is choking, air cannot reach the lungs. If the airways cannot be cleared, death follows rapidly.”

If you see someone choking, immediately call 9-1-1 or have someone else call. In the meantime, apply the heimlich maneuver. According to the U.S. National Library of medicine;

  • For a conscious person who is sitting or standing, position yourself behind the person and reach your arms around his or her waist.
  • Place your fist, thumb side in, just above the person’s navel (belly button) and grab the fist tightly with your other hand.
  • Pull your fist abruptly upward and inward to increase airway pressure behind the obstructing object and force it from the windpipe.
  • If the person is conscious and lying on his or her back, straddle the person facing the head. Push your grasped fist upward and inward in a maneuver similar to the one above.

You may need to repeat the procedure several times before the object is dislodged. Learn more here.


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