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August 17, 2014

College Football Preseason AP Top 25 and Odds to Win it All

by Sam Ranard

Today is the day. The AP has released its college football pre season rankings.

The Seminoles will start the season No. 1 for the sixth time in team history. This will be the first the Seminoles have topped the preseason charts since 1999. But keep in mind, three of the top 5 teams at the end of the 2013 season, were not included in the 2013 preseason top 25. Those teams were Missouri, Michigan State and Auburn.

Here it is:

1. Florida State
2. Alabama
3. Oregon
4. Oklahoma
5. Ohio State

6. Auburn


8. Michigan State

9. South Carolina
10. Baylor
11. Stanford
12. Georgia
13. LSU
14. Wisconsin
15. USC
16. Clemson
17. Notre Dame
18. Ole Miss
19. Arizona St
20. Kansas St
21. Texas A&M
22. Nebraska
23. North Carolina
24. Missouri
25. Washington

Below is’s odds for each team ti win the National Championship this year:

Screen shot 2014-08-17 at 4.09.37 PM

This image is from


Prediction Mill:

  • Many commentators are predicting UCLA…Yes, UCLA, as being the National Champion. While I disagree, this prediction has gained a lot of tractions as UCLA is the second highest searched university, as of today, on Google.
  • Similarly, there is a lot of talk about the SEC failing to have any team make the playoff.
  • While many commentators and writers are predicting that the SEC will not be represented in college football’s first every playoff, it does come with some merit. The theory is, is that the SEC will cannibalize itself, leaving zero undefeated SEC teams. put together a pretty cool list of all of the preseason Top 25 teams that each SEC team will have to face this season.

This post was written by Sam Ranard

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