I learned of this story from Tayhlor on twitter, @tayhlordaniele, who linked to a page on Instagram by @thebestdamndj.

The video depicts a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri admitting that someone had been shot in the head.  Before he could say too much, the other officer tries to physically shut him up.  It is symbolic as the entire police force seeks to silence much more than that.

The victim was Maya Aaten-White, a Howard graduate. She survived.  She was in Ferguson supporting justice for of Mike Brown and his family and protesting the lack thereof.  The social media age gives people who used to be voiceless a voice.  It is precious power.  She was reporting the events taking place in Ferguson, Missouri on Instagram and Twitter.

Based on official press releases by the Police, the media reported:

“St. Louis County Police spokesman Brian Schellman said four to five black males apparently carried out the shooting on Highmont Drive in Ferguson, Mo., and fled in a car. The unidentified woman was transported to a hospital via EMS, but her condition was unknown just before 1:30 a.m. local time. It was not immediately clear if the shooting was in any way related to the recent unrest in Ferguson.”

However, people are now suspecting it was a police bullet.  Worsening the matter, police are demanding and forcing reporters to shut off their cameras or be arrested. It was reported late last night that several reporters were arrested.

The nation needs to turn its eyes to Ferguson, including President Obama.  It’s time they get some help and answers.

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