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Video of Justin Bieber’s Deposition, Acts Just Like Justin Bieber

Watch this entertaining video (after the jump) of Justin Bieber answering questions in a deposition earlier this week. This deposition was not taken in relation to his recent arrests for egging his neighbors home or his recent DUI in Miami, but his alleged assaulting of a paparazzo.
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Legal Links: Weird, Sports and Legal News

Woman arrested after attempting to have her lawyer-boyfriend murdered (ABA)

Angry UCSB basketball fan storms court, confronts Hawaii’s coach, arrested (ESPN)

Logically, taking pictures up random peoples skirts is found to be illegal (CNN)

Man loses 56 pounds after eating nothing but McDonalds for six months (Today)
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Legal Links (Is BACK!!!!): Legal, Sports and Weird News.

I know you missed the legal links, but lucky for you, Legal Links are back at C&S!

3rd Graders caught smoking marijuana in school bathroom, has their own pipe (CBS SF)

Pregnant mother drives minivan full of children directly into ocean (C&S)
Stash of $10 million in gold coins offers quick lessons in tax and property law (ABA Journal)

Australian student oredered to pay $100,000 over Twitter defamation of teacher (The Telegraph)

Man upset with Wal Mart self checkout machine end up getting his tooth knocked out (The Wichita Eagle)

SCOTUS rules against dad seeking the return of his daughter in an international abduction case (ABA Journal)

What qualities are more likely to make a lawyer a “rainmaker” ? (ABA Journal)



One more reason why beach driving should be banned.

Update below: A terrifying scene took place today when a pregnant mother with a van full of kids, driving on the beach in Daytona, Florida, managed to steer her minivan directly into the ocean. With the kids screaming for help from the backseat, onlookers managed to chase the car down and help rescue the family. The mother was incoherent at the scene. She is know being evaluated by mental health professionals in Daytona. Watch the video below.

UPDATE: The mother, identified as Ebony Wilkerson has been charged with the attempted murder of her children. Police say that the children in the van were yelling, “Mommy’s trying to kill us.” Read the full story here.


C&S: Video of the Week

Count how many times this guy on a scooter gets in a fender bender. Make sure you watch until the very end.