Detroit WR Burleson broke his arm in two places after trying to save his pizza while driving. Burelson could be out for season, the pizza was fine (ESPN)

NBA considers putting players nicknames on the back of their Jerseys. Metta World Peace and Ochocinco were way ahead (Breitbart)

The stripper, in the party bus, with the champagne bottle: Ravens’ WR Julio Jones left bloodied by a stripper, with a champagne bottle, on a party bus (NY Daily News)

Best division in MLB? Reds, Pirates and Cardinals clinch postseason birth. NL Central has three of four teams playing in October (

University of Florida professor fired after being caught trying to secretly film female students (Daily Mail)

Shooter in law firm parking lot indicted, 14 charges (ABA Journal)

Lawyer admits to napping during DUI trial, but says his performance at trial was still an “8 or 9” out of 10 (ABA Journal)

Expert: Law student can pay of school debt…If he works on the side…Teaches…and lives with hi parents………………By 2020. (ABA)

Texting and driving is dangerous enough – couple caught having sex while driving on Chicago highway (CBS Chicago)

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