Waiters and bartenders no longer have to pay bills that cutomers walk out on.  A court ruling in Minnesota has found that the bar or restaraunt has to cover the losses (ABA)
Lifetime of alimony keeps former millionaire in jail on a regular basis (Bloomberg)

Man wanted for assault after forcing home run ball from young fan’s hands (CBS Sports)

AT&T sued for refusing to air Al-Jazeera cable news network (Bloomberg)

Photographer who refused to photograph a gay wedding was found to have violated anti-discrimination laws (ABA)

This ESPN short titled “The Freak” will have you excited to watch (6) South Carolina’s Jadeveon Clowney this fall.

Bonus: As of 1:00pm (EST) a SportsNation poll showed that almost half of the country believes that the Jacksonville Jaguars are “in the worst shape.” How did the Jaguars beat the Raiders?  #CmonMan

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