As summer temperatures drop, NFL talk rises. One of the biggest, and most obvious questions: “who is going to win the super bowl?” According to Bovada, the  Broncos and the 49ers lead the pack with 6/1 odds to win it all. The  Patriots and the Seahawks aren’t far behind at 9/1.  At the end of the list, soaking in shame, are the  Jaguars and the Raiders at 250/1 odds to win it all. (Sorry Jags, but what can you expect when the biggest story line out of Jacksonville is a QB battle between Blaine Gabbert and Chad HenneScreen shot 2013-08-16 at 11.06.22 AM
Odds dont seem to matter to Florida State law student Erik Woody, who believes the Texans will win it all. When informed that the Texans were given 18/1 odds of winning the Super Bowl, Woody, the Houston native, said, “The Tampa Bay Rays were 250/1 to win the World Series the year they won it. NFL preseason odds don’t matter at all” Like Woody, Pete Prisco, senior NFL columnist for CBS sports doesn’t seem to be too influenced by Vegas either – but then again, sports writers have to make edgy predictions and are almost required to go against the odds.  Prisco has the Bengals (33/1) beating the Falcons (12/1) in the Super Bowl.

In interviewing people, I found an interesting coincidence – everyone seemed to mention a Manning brother in some way. Michael Brokamp, a professional musician in Cincinnati, Ohio, picked the 49ers to win the Super Bowl. Brokamp picked the 49ers because he believes in Colin Kaepernick. “Kaepernick is only going to get better,” Brokamp said, “It is his first year as a starter, he is maturing and he hardly lost the Super Bowl last year. If I was an NFL owner, I would take Kaepernick of Peyton Manning. Colin will last longer and is only getting better. Peyton is good, but gettin’ old.”

When asked who would win it all, Zac Ranard said, “One of the Manning Brothers.” I have to say, that is probably a descent prediction, the Broncos are the League favorites and the Giants are 22/1. Brett Smith, a logistics specialist in Chicago believes the Falcons will win, “All cylinders are fired for the Falcons. last years and this year will be no different. Being led by Matt Ryan, Tony Gonzalez, Roddy White and Julio Jones, in combination with the offseason acquisition of Steven Jackson, they will be at their prime.”

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