If you have been visiting our blog for a while, you might remember our past article “The Scarlett Letter 2013.” What if you were falsely labeled a sexual predator? What would you do? Well, these questions became all too real for a Florida man after his driver’s license falsely labeled him as a sexual predator.

Story by John M. Phillips

You move to Florida and get a new identification card.  Simple enough?  I did it in 2001.  I received another one soon after when I decided to add a motorcycle endorsement on it.  At the bottom of my license it says- “safe driver” and “motorcycle also.”  It was spelled out, so I knew what it meant.  What if it had been a citation to a Florida Statute- maybe 322.03, which says drivers must be licensed, or 324.031, proof of valid insurance?  Would I even look?  Would you?

On October 31, 2012, a man presented to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles’ office in Jacksonville, Florida to gain a valid Florida identification card as he had recently moved here from out of state.  As he is legally blind, but needed a valid ID to conduct the usual business we all do on a daily basis, he certainly didn’t notice the small numbers on the bottom right of his Florida issued identification card- 943.0435.  Nobody said anything to him about it and months went by. Continue Reading….

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