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June 19, 2013

Mug Shot of The Day, Plus Bonus Video

by Sam Ranard

I’m not really sure what exactly this guy’s tattoo is referring to. What exactly is it that the ladies love? Everything? The tattoo itself? Your upper lip? It is impressive, that is undeniable. I’m assuming that this is referring to all ladies. Not just a few here and there, but every female in the world. It also appears that he has a couple sets of lips tattooed on his face and neck. I’m guessing the lip tats are an indication of, or in tribute to, the continued adoration this gentleman receives from the “ladies”.



If every great idea you have gets you into trouble, maybe you should start having some bad ideas. Some really bad ideas I would recommend are reading, planting a garden, volunteering or even baking a cake.



No bueno. Liability? At a Jaegermeister promo pool party in Mexico, someone had the brilliant idea to pour buckets of liquid nitrogen into the pool to create a smoke effect. While mixing the nitrogen with water did in fact create a nice smoke effect, when the nitrogen mixed with the chlorine it created a toxic cloud. The cloud put one person in a comma and sent eight others to the hospital.

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