UPDATE: We originally posted this list of the worst of the worst lawyer commercials  in April 2013. But today, the list has certainly been topped. Remember Sweet Brown? The “Ain’t nobody got Time for that” lady? Well we have just discovered that she was hired to act in a lawyer commercial. Attorney Brian Loncar has hired Sweet Brown to act in his latest marketing ploy… Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Last week we presented the Top 25 Worst Lawyer Billboards, this week we bring you the Worst of the Worst Lawyer Commercials.


1. Adam Reposa: Get Out of My Way

Adam Reposa, who calls himself a “Lawyer, Patriot, Cahmpion” created this terrible commercial. It appears that Reposa doesn’t put on a show for the camera. He was held in contempt of court for making a sexual gesture at a judge. If any members of the media attempt to contact Reposa’s office, he has instructed his receptionist to use vulgarities that in more or less words translate to, “No comment.”

2. DivorceEZ, Divorce Attorney

In this commercial, attorney Steve Miller, who refers to your relationship as the “hell hole you call a marriage” and your wife as “that vermon you call a spouse.” See for yourself:

3. Pay me, pay me, pay me. If you are interested in hiring an attorney who looks like Big Haus on Pawn Stars, surrounded by flames, with an awful singing voice, then this is your guy!

4. If explosions are your thing, then you have come to the right place.

5. This commercial is right up there as far a “reprehensibility” goes, with “Big Al”

6. “Turn your pain into rain.” No, this commercial is not referencing precipitation, it is referencing having money “rain”  down on you. This commercial features a young woman being showered in dollar bills.

7. Take My Wife Please!!! Yes, this is an actual commercial that aired on basic cable. A couple fighting over who can get to a divorce attorney first.

8. “The Heavy Hitter” Darryl “The Heavy Hitter Issacs”  is the king of Kentucky’s billboard-bus-terrible commercial lawyer. His commercials often feature lightning and loud noises, both reoccurring ingredients in a “worst of the worst” commercial.

BONUS:”Big Al” Remember “Big Al” and his reprehensible tactics In our previous post, “Attorney Big Al is Reprehensible,” ?

UPDATE: Months after creating this blog, this gem of a commercial came out. As we strive to be a leader in “Bad Lawyer Advertisements” we had to post this:


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