In a previous post, we discussed how dangerous the legal profession can be. In the post, In the Line of Fire: How Dangerous is the Legal Profession, we broke down recent events in which attorneys were faced with danger, injured or killed in result of their legal careers.

mclellandsTuesday morning, tragic news struck the legal community. A Texas prosecutor,  district attorney Mike McLelland, and his wife, Cynthia McLelland (both pictured on left) were murdered in their homes Tuesday morning. This comes only a few months after McLelland made a public statement in which he vowed to hunt down the person who murdered his former boss, assistant DA Mark Hasse. While investigators have kept quiet on who the suspects could be, there are a few unverified reports that the Arian Brotherhood, a white supremacy group, is behind the slayings. Other reports are guessing that the Mexican drug cartel is behind the murders. The office that McLelland worked for prosecuted criminals with ties to the Arian Brotherhood as well as the Mexican drug cartel. McLelland said in a previous interview that racist gangs could be working with the Mexican cartel. McLelland said he could not comment on whether, “low-level Mexican cartels have had involvement with the Aryan Brotherhood in Texas regarding methamphetamine trafficking,” or if it was “possible the Aryan Brotherhood is either acting as hitmen or paying prosecutors back.” However, recent reports are denying any involvement by the Arian Brotherhood. 

Additionally, the DA office that McLelland worked at has publicly advised prosecutors to begin carry handguns “within the letter of the law.”

Whatever the case may be, this is a tragic story. Whether it was a racist gang or the Mexican drug cartel, two innocent people are dead. A man who was fighting for the safety or his community, and our country’s borders, and his wife, are now gone. Please keep the McLelland family in your thoughts as this investigation unfolds.



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