Michael Dunn- Understanding the Man who Killed Jordan Davis (Part 3, the evidence)

New evidence was released today in Michael Dunn’s criminal case for the murder of Jordan Davis and attempted murder of three other young men.  Since day one, we have had to fight defamation and offensive rhetoric and spin and argument that Michael Dunn was credible and the victims were not credible.  We had to take this on because the reputations and memories of these fine boys will not be tarnished.  We will not let them be victimized in what is supposed to be “justice.”

The evidence reveals, on November 23, a DUI arrest was ongoing in the vicinity of the Gate gas station before this all occurred.  The arresting officer heard the whole thing and responded immediately.  Yet, Michael Dunn’s team would have you believe that the victims did not call the cops and have you hold that against him, stating “The kid is as cool as a cucumber. If someone had shot at you unprovoked wouldn’t you be calling the police?”  As the victim said in the 911 call, the police were already there. There was no need to call them, as proven in this narrative-


And then, Michael Dunn’s team would have you believe these boys were confrontational and had a shotgun pointed at Dunn.  Every witness said there was no gun or anything that looked like a gun coming from the boys’ truck.  Michael Dunn’s lawyer said, “And he sees that much of a shotgun coming up over the rim of the SUV, which is up higher than his Jetta, and all he sees are heavily tinted front windows that are up and the back windows that are down, and the car has at least four black men in it, and he doesn’t know how old anyone is, and he doesn’t know anything, but he knows a shotgun when he sees one because he got his first gun as a gift from his grandparents when he was in third grade.” And further said, “When he saw the shotgun barrel come up in the rear passenger window, he saw about three to four inches of it.  He estimated the gauge of the shotgun, the type, everything, he’s very familiar with firearms, as I said, owns firearms and has since he was in third grade. He immediately went into self-defense mode, which any responsible firearms owner would do.”

More recently, it was added, “Unless you walk in that man’s shoes, you’re put in a position where you believe somebody is about to put a shotgun at your head and pull the trigger and get out of a car to do it, then no one has the right to say, ‘Why did he do something?’ That’s going to be for the experts and that’s going to be for the jury.”


Every witness agreed- the boys had no gun or anything that looked like a gun.  Michael Dunn even failed to mention a gun to his fiance after this all happened.  Because there was no gun.  He came up with the story of the gun later.


He believed they were making threats?  The photos clearly show the trajectory of a departing vehicle.  At what point were they coming after him?  No one saw them even open a door.

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The undisputed evidence is that none of the other three boys ever got out of the vehicle before the shooting. Further, the car was believed to have child-proof locks prohibiting them from leaving.


Michael Dunn’s team would have you believe, “The evidence will show, and what we believe we’re going to show, that these gentlemen in the car not only gave verbal threats of death, but were attempting to get out of the car to attack Mr. Dunn. That’s when he fired the shots.” Meanwhile what the evidence shows is that Mr. Dunn was the one who was heard to give a threatening comment right before he opened fire- “You can’t talk to me that way.”


Team Michael Dunn said there was no racial motivation.  His lawyer said, “There is no racial motivation here whatsoever. He would have never, ever, in a million years pulled a gun if his life was not threatened. He saw a shotgun, and four inches of the barrel, and the guy said to him, ‘This is going down now’ and popped the door open.” We have already shown that the door did not “pop open” according to statements.  Further, his use of the word “thug music” shows exactly where Mr. Dunn’s head was- hate.


He even saw that it was a kid getting in the car, dancing- meaning no harm.


Michael Dunn then killed Jordan Davis and tried to kill three others, although his team states, “Because he was, his understanding was that he had only fired at the vehicle, not at anybody,” His lawyer explained why he left after, “He was also concerned with leaving the area because he didn’t know if these gang members, what they were, who. He’s in a strange town. He doesn’t know if they’re on their cellphones saying, ‘Hey, come back and get this guy in the Jetta.’ He just wanted to get to a safe place and try and figure out what to do.”

Immediately after the shooting, Dunn told his fiance to “get the fuck in the car” and they sped away from the murder scene, never calling police.


After the shooting, team Dunn would have you believe the boys left the scene and callously drove away with their friend dying, stating, “I fully expect the evidence to show that that SUV took off and left the scene and came back.” And further added. “When a vehicle leaves the scene as everybody knows, the evidence is completely changed, the crime scene is changed.And even further, he told a reporter there were about a dozen large trash receptacles in the vicinity of the shooting, insinuating they left and disposed of the (fictional) gun.  And then Team Dunn adds this defamatory comment, “If Jordan Davis had not been critically injured I don’t think they would’ve returned to the scene.” It’s not right.  Further, the police and witnesses track every single moment of the boys.





But that doesn’t help his case, so Team Dunn then blames the police, saying, “I humbly suggest that they may not have looked hard enough, and it certainly would not have been in the vehicle when they looked unless they had stopped it immediately, which I doubt they did.”

Team Dunn asked, “How hard did they look?” she said of the police search for a gun.

Even more recently, Team Dunn said Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office “never looked for it.”


Well, they looked even though the boys never had the opportunity to hide anything according to every witness.

Team Dunn said, “He just wanted to get to a safe place and try and figure out what to do.


And once back home, Dunn even had the audacity to answer his fiance’s phone when the police called.  He “knew what it was about.”  He “acted in self-defense.”  When told to turn himself in, Dunn responded, “this sucks.”  Yeah, Mr. Dunn, life is very unfair when you kill someone.  Nevertheless, Dunn wanted it all handled on his “own terms.”


Team Dunn has stated, “Our position is that Michael Dunn has character. He has credibility.  He is a law-abiding citizen. He has never been involved in an act like this in his life. He’s never had to draw his weapon. He’s never had to fire his weapon.

Well one of his former friends or business associates disagrees.


We found this report, but are currently unable to link the two incidents- http://www.ripoffreport.com/computer-software/dunn-dunn-data-syste/dunn-dunn-data-systems-inc-37me3.htm

We are forced to show these to retaliate against the utter defamation and smear campaign instituted by Team Dunn.

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