Slovakian Cyckist Peter Sagan Finishes in Second, But Tries to Steal First… Base

Slovakian cyclist Peter Sagan finished in second place in the Tour of Flanders in Belgium on Sunday, but then he went for first… …base with one of the models hired to give the photo opportunity some sex appeal.  Sagan, a 23-year-old cyclist pinched the backside of a podium girl during the medal ceremony.  His mischievous grin suggests he was new exactly what he was doing and even was amused at his pinch of her rear.  She can be seen to be removing Sagan’s hand quite clearly in video footage.

Another cyclist gave him immediate grief-


Lawyers could claim sexual harassment or even battery, but we doubt it will go any further.  Sadly, in this day and age, the model will probably benefit over the viral fame the pinch earned her.  It is not the message such high profile athletes need to send. But what about the other -married- cyclist?  He also didn’t ask for such misogynistic behavior, but also didn’t object.  It goes both ways.

And, like anyone in this new digital era, Sagan even apologized via youtube-

And twitter-


However, it is just part of a disturbing trend of what happens in cycling these days.

A new trend

Dare I say I miss the lame celebrations of Lance Armstrong?

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