Lex & Terry- March Edition of Lex & Terry’s Lawyer Answering Listener Questions

Every month, I get to join my good friend and clients, Lex & Terry to answer listener questions nationwide.  Even though I only practice in Florida, Georgia and Alabama and primarily practice in personal injury and wrongful death, I love this segment every month and giving my best to point people in the right direction and Lex and Terry like to poke fun at some of their listeners.  This month, we answered questions on criminal law (expungement, restoration of civil rights and battery), personal injury and many more.  It is all meant to live by the Courts & Sports motto- Listen. Learn. And Laugh.  And we have been doing it for a while.

The Lex and Terry Radio Network is heard weekday mornings on over 30 US radio stations and nationwide on XM152.

Click here to listen- Lexandterrymarch13.

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