This One is for YOU- Greenland.


After a few months online and just over a week actually blogging, our statistics took a spike last night thankful to us calling out lawyers across America for their Bad Billboards (Top 10) (11-25).  Over 2600 page views yesterday and we’ve sailed past 1000 today.  We are growing and Courts & Sports Radio is doing fine with just the written word, while I have taken a few months off to focus on some very important cases.

But, in looking at the map, I ask- What’s up Greenland? Where have you been?  You have three different time zones.  Your capital is Nuuk (which alone boasts 15,469 people).  And I get that the mean temperature does not exceed 10° C (50° F) in the warmest summer months.  And I DIG that about you.  You have to be inside on the computer.


You are, my friend, the world’s largest island.  And although neither Jimmy Buffett, nor Kenny Chesney will sing your praises, I ask for your warm- okay cool to cold- embrace.  Heck, we (the United States) even offered to buy you in 1946, but Denmark refused to sell you.  We could have been special- Red, White, and Blue and Green Land.

I ask – no, I beg -one of your 56,615 inhabitants to simply click on  Simply read this post.  I need your approval.  This blog is nothing without you filling in that huge mass in yellow- or maybe even red.  Because who loves you more, Greenland?  Who loves you more?

I dare to say no one.

Your mate from another state (if only Denmark had sold you),


PS- 24 hours later, Greenland acquiesced.  Thank you.

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