As most of you already know, Barack Obama is a big basketball fan. He plays basketball frequently and even fills out a March Madness bracket every year. However, Obama is not the first president to publicly show an interest in sports. Obama’s latest bracket picks have inspired me to compile a (incomplete) list of United States Presidents who have been involved with sports in some way:

1. Below is a video of Barack Obama filling out his 2013 bracket. The POTUS does this year after year and continues to have very average predictions.

2. In 1910, William H. Taft threw out the first ever MLB “first pitch.” Franklin Roosevelt was the first president to attend an all-star game and throw out the first pitch.

3. Gerald Ford Played football for Michigan. The former president was the center on the Wolverines back-to-back undefeated national championship teams in  1932 and 1933.



4. Jimmy Carter was the captain of his high school basketball team. While in the White House, Carter used to enjoy Swimming, canoeing, fishing and skiing.

5. Before turning to acting and politics, Ronald Reagan was a lifeguard. He claimed that he had saved 77 lives while acting as a lifeguard.

6. George H. Bush was the captain of his baseball team at Yale. As a first baseman, he played in two College World Series’.

bush baseball

7. Bill Clinton played Rugby at Oxford while studying there. He also loves to play golf. 

Clinton Golf

8. George W. Bush not only shared his father’s passion for politics, but baseball as well. In  1989 G.W. bought $800,000 in shares of the Texas Rangers. He worked as general managing partner for five years before selling his shares of the team. George W. has thrown out the first pitch to several Rangers games including World Series games. He also threw out the first pitch of the first game played at Yankee Stadium after 9/11/2001. Below is a video of the story behind that pitch. Definitely worth watching.

9. Our current president, Barack Obama, not only fills out brackets and loves basketball, but he also is an avid golfer. He recently took a trip to Florida on the Air Force One to play golf with Tiger Woods.

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