While Marc Gasol may not be facing battery charges for his shoe attack, Comcast SportsNet analyst Kendall Gill could be. Gill, a former NBA player, was suspended from his on-air duties after he confronted and punched Big Ten Network analyst Tim Doyle. Gill was reportedly upset with Doyle after Doyle criticized Gill’s on-air analysis of the controversial play that ended the Bulls-Nuggets game the night before. Crain’s Danny Ecker, who witnessed the event live, broke the story,

“Mr. Gill confronted Mr. Doyle in the newsroom over critical comments he had made on the air about Mr. Gill’s analysis of the controversial final moments of Monday’s Chicago Bulls-Denver Nuggets game. The referees ruled that what at first appeared to be a last-second basket by the Bulls would not be allowed, thus giving the win to the Nuggets.

Mr. Gill approached Mr. Doyle and called him out for his comments, which escalated to a shoving match and ultimately Mr. Gill throwing a punch at Mr. Doyle. The two bumped up against a sign on the wall and a small amount of blood was drawn (though it was unclear exactly how) before the two were separated.”

Kendall Gill waits

Deadspin.com said, “If Gill gets fired, we should all hope that he gets a job on First Take, just so that he can threaten to beat up Skip Bayless every day.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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