Saint Patrick’s Day- Savannah DUI Lawyer Discusses DUI Checkpoint Traps


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Savannah, Georgia is one of the choice cities to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The people, the bars, the bands, the booze are all ripe for some fun.

Savannah DUI Checkpoint ArrestAnd Savannah, Georgia knows you are drinking. It encourages it. Laws are loose. Enforcement during the party is relaxed. Until you drive. In or out of the historic city.

Savannah crawls with DUI checkpoints, checking drivers with a virtual “no tolerance” policy, even ticketing passengers for underage drinking, blasting out 100s of tickets for open containers and other violations. They let downtown wine and dine you and await your happy arrival or departure to make hundreds of thousands of dollars for the City.

St. Patrick's Day SavannahLast year, a client was caught in one of these checkpoints on March 17th. We were told to believe he failed field sobriety tests but the officer failed to specifically include the report despite reference of it in his arrest report. That’s not surprising considering the volume they are “processing.”

And then there are the typos. The cop could have been drunk, himself, with all of the mistakes. Savannah admits every officer does long DUI shifts and mazes out it’s resources during these busy times.Drunk Driving Arrest Lawyer Savannah, Georgia

Well, maybe they will give us the video which supposedly supports their slanderous attack. Nope, the video- again, not produced. This officer’s margin of repeated error is frustrating and prevents my client from confronting his accuser.

Savannah Drunk ArrestSo, don’t drive. And we suggest not blowing or allowing alcohol measuring tests be performed if you do. Because it’s ruthlessly unfair there. The referenced client was given a test called an alco-sensor at the scene, which was a mere .074, proving he did not meet or exceed the .08 necessary. Not only did the cop refuse to recognize that as enough, but the State attorney argues that is “not even admissible.” Well, why perform it?

DUI Arrest GeorgiaHis BAL was .08 and .085- well within the margin of error. But, here he faces a very serious DUI charge of .08 or more, carrying a year of probation and thousands in fees and costs for the City of Savannah whose State Attorneys will claim “no authority to negotiate.”

A DUI arrest can run $7500 to $10,000 or more, including expenses such as attorney’s fees, court costs, fines, probation supervision costs, and fees for DUI school and alcohol treatment. Expect huge rate increases in your automobile insurance. Most companies will drop you or triple or quadruple your rate.

And his friend also got a ticket.

DUI Arrest Lawyer Savannah, GeorgiaLook, don’t drink and drive. Period. But .08 is basically consuming over one drink per hour or so (see for more details). You should not be extorted by cops who refuse to do their job to fill the City’s coffers.

Call us if you run into trouble. We will fight aggressively for you.

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