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What do Kevin Ware, Marcus Lattimore & Tyrone Prothro have in Common? The NCAA’s Unfair Benefit Policy

What do Kevin Ware, Marcus Lattimore & Tyrone Prothro have in Common? The NCAA’s Unfair Benefit Policy



I just witnessed this…

This video doesn’t exist

and hadn’t even gotten over this yet…

This video doesn’t exist

or this…


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Lex & Terry- March Edition of Lex & Terry’s Lawyer Answering Listener Questions

Lex & Terry- March Edition of Lex & Terry’s Lawyer Answering Listener Questions

Every month, I get to join my good friend and clients, Lex & Terry to answer listener questions nationwide.  Even though I only practice in Florida, Georgia and Alabama and primarily practice in personal injury and wrongful death, I love this segment every month and giving my best to point people in the right direction and Lex and Terry like to poke fun at some of their listeners.  This month, we answered questions on criminal law (expungement, restoration of civil rights and battery), personal injury and many more.  It is all meant to live by the Courts & Sports motto- Listen. Learn. And Laugh.  And we have been doing it for a while.

The Lex and Terry Radio Network is heard weekday mornings on over 30 US radio stations and nationwide on XM152.

Click here to listen- Lexandterrymarch13.


You are up, China… if your leaders let you accept this challenge…

You are up, China… if your leaders let you accept this challenge…





China- No Facebook.  No Twitter.  No YouTube.  The Chinese government employs software and thousands of officials to police the Internet to restrict its citizens.  China has some “social” media, but it is such that the companies face strict penalties if they do not adhere to the government’s strict standards.

Google tried to enter the market, but left China.  Even former Google China head Kaifu Lee is often booted off “Sina” and “Tencent Weibo” (the social media they do have) for criticizing “Jike,” the government run search engine.  Kaifu Lee has had some 20 posts deleted which criticized the thousands of rotting pig carcases found floating in the rivers of Shanghai.  Other activists also frequently speak out, “Sometimes freedom of speech doesn’t exist in China, but you should practice freedom of speech as if it existed,” said Zhao Jing, a Chinese blogger and journalist known as Michael Anti.

Imagine Bill Gates getting kicked off of Twitter because he tweeted a critique of the government or Mark Zuckerburg being told he was going to have to get off of the internet for a few days for “conduct unbecoming” the internet.  It’s something we all take for granted.  We even abuse it.  “The troll,” the name for anonyous posters has even made traditional media outlets in Jacksonville, Florida take action.

Despite the “troll,” our speech is mostly free.  With a few exceptions, the First Amendment bars federal, state, and local governments from directly censoring the Internet here.  The United States government does block a few sites, but mostly we are pretty open and the web is pretty worldwide.  U.S. companies are prohibited from doing business, including those that regulate internet access with certain companies, such as certain European travel agent sites advertising travel to Cuba and others deemed especially harmful.

So, in courtsandsports’ quest to take over the world and show we are all connected, we have added Greenland, and now, China is the next largest land mass we are missing on our map and you, China, are in our sights.  We can’t facebook or tweet them.  We aren’t even sure how we will get this little (English) message in a bottle over there, but we will try (2013)… and try again (2014)…

So, it turns out China may block the ability for its hits to be counted.  Are you out there China?  Did you clicks not make a sound?


“It’s definitely one of those fraternities you wouldn’t want to be a part of…” -Tracy Martin, Trayvon Martin’s father

“It’s definitely one of those fraternities you wouldn’t want to be a part of…”

-Tracy Martin, Trayvon Martin’s father


Lucia McBath and Sybrina FultonBen Crump, the attorney for Trayvon Martin’s family, and I are the only two people who have seen both Ron Davis and Tracy Martin meet in person for the first time at Trayvon Martin’s Remembrance AND see Lucia McBath and Sybrina Fulton meet in person for the first time at the Black Male Re-Invented Conference.  To say these moments were powerful- is not doing them justice.  To say those hugs were moving- is not giving them enough credit.  In fact, there are few words which can describe seeing such uniting of tragedy and perseverance, up close, from the outside.  And seeing 4 people, who share such unspeakable tragedy as the unnecessary and criminal loss of a child is… indescribable. Read more »


Legal Links 3/27: Sports, Legal and Weird News

Former Miami Dolphin beats 17-year-old son unconscious (USA Today)

Man broke into Bryan Cranston’s car and stole top secret Breaking Bad script… If someone spoils the finale for me Ill never recover (ABC)

Minor League Baseball team installs urinal video games (US News)

Man arrested after hunting a deer with a handgun in a Walmart parking lot (CBS Pittsburgh)

Disabled man awarded $8,000 after having panic attack when he  stuck on Disney’s “It’s a Small World” (US News)

Catholic priest accused of selling over $300,000 in meth (CBS New York)

Lawyer demands University of Central Florida ends Greek Life ban over lack of due process (Click Orlando)

UNC takes Agent policies to unbelievable level (



Careful Carl from the Game Operation Takes a Fall- a Parody Law Video by Intern Sam

Careful Carl from the Game Operation Takes a Fall- a Parody Law Video by Intern Sam


Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?- a Parody Law Video by Intern Sam

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?- a Parody Law Video by Intern Sam


Weebles Wobble, But They Don’t Fall Down… to Justice- a Parody Law Video by Intern Sam

Weebles Wobble, But They Don’t Fall Down… to Justice-  a Parody Law Video by Intern Sam


Mr. Potato Head is a Victim of Medical Malpractice- a Parody Law Video by Intern Sam

Mr. Potato Head is a Victim of Medical Malpractice- a Parody Law Video by Intern Sam


Legal Links 3/26

Amanda Knox ordered back to Italy for 3rd trial. What is the Amanda Knox story all about? (C&S Radio)

RG III has been throwing passes to elephants at the circus (ESPN)

Three family members go to jail after attacking DJ for not playing requested song (CBS Pittsburgh)

Man breaks into home is found with a to-do list that included finding meth, cocaine, a gold watch, breaking into a home or robbing a drug dealer, and to do a good deed for a stranger (CBS Boston)

Irish town legalizes some citizens to drink and drive (NBC New York)

Supreme Court to rule on gay marriage ban (ABA Journal)

Meet Charles Cooper, the man arguing on behalf of gay marriage today in the Supreme Court  (ABA Journal)




Amanda Knox Ordered Back to Italy for 3rd Trial- What is the Amanda Knox Story All About?

Amanda Knox Ordered Back to Italy for 3rd Trial- What is the Amanda Knox Story All About?

-A Primer and Opinion by John M. Phillips


This week, American Amanda Knox was ordered to come back to Italy and stand trial, again, for the murder of her roommate by Italy’s top criminal court.  However, there is little the country can do to force her to return for the new hearings regarding the 2007 killing of British student Meredith Kercher.  Knox has recently slammed prosecutors and vowed to fight on.  Since her release from prison in 2011, Knox has resumed her studies in Seattle and has a book coming out in April. Read more »


Seize and Desist- Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Auction Coming Soon

Seize and Desist- Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Auction Coming Soon

Remember those ads that used to say you could buy a luxury car for $100? Or a Rolex watch for $5?  All you had to do was send $9.99 in for a book which basically told you about government surplus and seizure auctions. It looked something like this-


Well there was SOME truth to it and it starts with a little bit of law-

Under Florida Statute 932.7055, entitled, “Disposition of liens and forfeited property,” once the authorities obtain a final judgment granting forfeiture of property, it may (a) retain it for agency use; (b) sell it to the highest bidder or (c) salvage, trade or donate to a public or nonprofit organization.

Well, Jacksonville is about to have one.  If you dream of wearing BLING that will make your chiropractor mad or enough gold to hire your own employee to flip a sign outside of your driveway, you are in luck.  Want to own a Lamborghini driven by a degenerate with traces of lord knows what on the console?  Now is your time!  On Thursday, April 4, 2013, at 10 a.m., at EverBank Field-Metro Park, Parking Lot F, on Gator Bowl Blvd, Jacksonville, Florida, you will get your chance.

Auction9The Lamborghini’s minimum bid is $70,000.  No matter what the auctioneer says, I will not believe this low-mileage beauty was a “one-owner” vehicle driven by a little granny on Sundays to Church.  And I am already in sticker shock, as the NADA values are way less.  I mean, the fact that it was used by someone who got it confiscated probably means it might be no greater than “Average Retail” and I have a hard time believing the odometer is correct or that there may not be some human DNA in the tru– errr, glovebox.

LamboAnd, frankly, I am way too secure in my manhood to even bid on this one.  I mean it’s yellow.  And did I mention the prior owner?  What self-respecting criminal has a yellow Lamborghini?  If Lance Armstrong and 50 Cent had a baby, maybe that’d be his car.  Otherwise, I am not so sure.  I might just go to see the bidding war.  I can picture it now.  Sorry, I just vomited.

Auction5If every kiss begins with (K)ay, I am not sure what these diamond stud earrings will bring. You can get the same pair, without the stigma of a police auction, for less.  I can hear it now, “You got these WHERE?”  If you thought Kay was bad (some ladies do), this is worse.  Trust me.  Do not bring these home as a gift if you paid retail.  And find a box from another store and just lie about where you got them.  I will sell you one from Underwoods or Tiffanys if the price is right. You will need a lawyer and I will charge you more knowing you were that gullible if you get caught passing these off as a gift.

Auction2And, I am going to pour some out for my homie, E.T.  He got all of his stuff taken and it all has his initials on it to prove it.  I don’t know what you did or who you are, E.T., but man did you like some ugly jewelry.  E.T. might be phoning home from jail these days and his arm is a lot lighter with out his “moon bracelet.”  I wonder if the same bidder is going to go for the trifecta, as he has three pieces up for bid.


His ring is twice as ugly.  It’s got mad diamonds, I will give you that.  Unless it is pieced out for the stones, what are the odds it will -EVER- be worn as is?  How many people have those initials and lack of sense of style.  I mean I only know of ONE who isn’t in jail.  And I don’t think he’s even try and pull that off (the ultimate inside joke).

Auction4And the moon pendant?  This was one pimped out Extra Terrestrial! 600 diamonds?  Oh my.  Can you imagine this guy walking around with his pendant, ring and bracelet- wait- could ET have been a woman?  No, women have way too much fashion sense.  What happens if he gets out early and he sees you wearing it- it will be right back in the evidence locker.

Auction1I HATE clowns.  And I hate Cubic Zirconia.  Mix the two and I wouldn’t spend 25 cents to pull this next piece out of the claw game at a roadside truckstop.  I bet this guy called himself the joker and I bet the joke is now on him.

Auction6There are many Jesus and Crucifix themed pieces. All of the holy water in the world won’t rinse the sin off of these pieces.  Again, buy something at a jewelry story and feel good about it, buy one of these at a pawn shop and -well- you never know.  Buy a piece at a seizure auction and you can assume two things- (1) they did something bad and (2) they were convicted of it.

Good luck and bid low.


This One is for YOU- Greenland.

This One is for YOU- Greenland.


After a few months online and just over a week actually blogging, our statistics took a spike last night thankful to us calling out lawyers across America for their Bad Billboards (Top 10) (11-25).  Over 2600 page views yesterday and we’ve sailed past 1000 today.  We are growing and Courts & Sports Radio is doing fine with just the written word, while I have taken a few months off to focus on some very important cases.

But, in looking at the map, I ask- What’s up Greenland? Where have you been?  You have three different time zones.  Your capital is Nuuk (which alone boasts 15,469 people).  And I get that the mean temperature does not exceed 10° C (50° F) in the warmest summer months.  And I DIG that about you.  You have to be inside on the computer. Read more »


Court is in Recess- Bennett Joins Dad at Work and My Life as a Dad/Lawyer

Court is in Recess- Bennett Joins Dad at Work and My Life as a Dad/Lawyer


I work hard and around the clock.  There was a time when “work life” would end at a particular hour of the day and I’d try to be at every event I could.  Once I failed at being “just another lawyer” at “just another mill,” churning out billable hours or injury settlements like McDonald’s does hamburgers, and started my own firm, my clock became less divided into work-life and home-life.  It just became my life.  And my family’s life.  And I love it more than ever.

Read more »


Legal Links 3/24

It’s Madness! Florida Gulf Coast is first ever 15 seed to go to the Sweet 16. “If there’s ever been a story of Cinderella riding a showboat” (CBS)

Miami law firm shuts leaving 70+ unemployed, firm managers said final paychecks will not be distributed until the office supplies that were taken are returned (ABA Journal)

Man arrested for DUI after posting video of himself drinking and driving (

Arkansas man stages knife attack to impress girlfriend (Huffington Post)

“Catch me if you can”: Man arrested, bail set at $1 million after posing as Air France pilot, gaining access to cockpit (Fox)


NFL: After firing his agent for missing deadlines, Elvis Dumervil signs with Ravens, Ed Reed leaves Ravens for Texans, takes out full page advertisment to thank Ravens fans (Yahoo!)