Tim Tebow has one post season win as a Bronco, and as of Saturday, Peyton Manning has zero. While this has little weight on America’s opinion when comparing the two quarterbacks, it will be a hot topic with the media, especially in Denver and in Tebow’s hometown of Jacksonville.

To fuel the fire, Tebow’s older brother, as any good big bro would do, took to Twitter to get his two cents in, tweeting, “Am I the only one in Denver who’s happy right now?

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Last week, new Jags GM David Caldwell said, “I can’t imagine a scenario where he’d be a Jacksonville Jaguar, even if he’s released.”

Tebow is lost and may never be found. The former Heisman winner has gone from the Mile-High’s prodigal son to getting lost in the bustle of the Big Apple. The former Gator may not get a chance to start in an NFL game for at least another season, if not forever.

One comment on an NBCSports.com article, from user jaxisgreat, “Didn’t the Broncos win a playoff game last year?” received 436 likes from readers.

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So maybe I was wrong, maybe Tebow leading the Broncos over the Steelers in ’11, and Peyton losing his first playoff game as a non-colt, does carry weight in the eyes of football fans.

So the questions of the day – what effect did Peyton’s loss have on Tebow’s stock value, if any? What value does Tebow still have in the eyes of a quarterback or media hungry team?

John M. Phillips, the other half of Courts & Sports Radio, has a strong opinion on where Tebow stands:

I am tired of the Tebow hype, entirely. He once was a good humble kid, who’d do anything on the field- and could do anything on the field. He humbly accepted a refined role as a Freshman and it won him a national championship. He then became the prototype of Urban Meyer’s offense and had great success in college- becoming one of the best ever to play college football.  Something changed.

I was at the Senior Bowl that year.  I saw it with my own eyes.
The Jaguars wanted him, the Broncos wanted him more and a few other teams were terribly intrigued.  Many teams had no interest, but all liked the guy- it was impossible not to.  He is but ONE Christian in the NFL.  He is but ONE good guy.  I’d put a guy like Rashad Jennings up against him anyway if I were hiring. Why? Rashad doesn’t promote every good dead he does.  His brother doesn’t stand behind him, genuflecting and making money off of him and a brand built off of faith. At some point, Tim Tebow became a brand more than a man.  Maybe it was when he hired Jimmy Sexton, the most spinster of all agents.  Or maybe it was when the family became apart of the marketing of Tim- the brother you used to see at bars was now a marketing arm, tweeting verses.  Or maybe when Tebow’s religion became his greatest quality- not his talent, so they had to sell that.  Something happened.

The old Tebow could find a way in the NFL, maybe even retire many years from now in Jacksonville- but not as a quarterback and not by being marketed the way he is being marketed.  This version has no chance in this writer’s opinion.  He has divided locker rooms to the point the Broncos traded him away, even agreeing to pay for part of his salary despite a playoff win for a quarterback with a fused neck, who needs solid back-ups.  And the Jets locker-room rumors were so bad, not only did he not play, but a substitute wildcat offense was designed around another player.  That is NOT because of religions prosecution.  And I don’t think it has anything to do with jealousy.  It has to do with X’s and O’s and his inability to be a developing NFL quarterback. He even embarrassed himself on national TV this year not being able to fluently get a coin-flip correct.

I’d like to cheer for Tim Tebow I just can’t.  I think his brothers and agent have spent too much time making it be about him being a man of faith- off the field somehow trumping on the field in a league where he’d be out of the game if he wasn’t so well respected.  It angers players because he doesn’t have the talent that others do and many fight getting cut with far greater talent.  Yet, Tim has such belief in himself and ego that he barks players around and tells coaches how magical he is and what he can do.  That’s the problem, Tim.  That’s the problem.

Oh, and the stat about the play-offs- Yes Tim has one more playoff win as a Bronco, but Peyton has NINE total and a RING playing big boy football.  Tim will never have a ring as a starting NFL quarterback.  Every general manager and head coach would essentially agree- but it is tough for the armchair quarterback wearing orange and blue to ever accept.

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